Stop Motion Jonny Quest!


Dr. Quest does look freaky...but no more than Sly Stallone in "The Expendables". Same plastic surgeon I guess.
Snakes! Mimmies! Gunfire and lasers! It's actually the best action movie I've seen all year. And the same sex parenting of Dr Quest and "Race" is more timely than ever.
^ mummies
"Mimmies" is fine. I just imagined a Peter Sellers voice.
I enjoyed it very much until the lazy work on the boys' faces. Those are doll heads.
I've always been a huge fan of Stop-Motion, since I was young. Not sure why, but it's always entertaining for me.

I think another olden-day cartoon that would be fun to watch in Stop-Motion form is The Herculoids. I always loved those two Globby critters - Gleep and Glop.
what i noticed was how many moments from the opening are captured in The Venture Bros.
As a HS and college brass musician, I've always loved the theme song to Jonny quest.
Another outstanding example of gay parenting.
@4, same here. I laughed at trying to say "Mimmies" in an Inspector Clouseau voice.
Thanks a gazillion, Mr. H.!

Difficult to believe we live in the country which once produced such imaginative stuff, huh?

Although, as we later found out, Johnny turned out to be gay, and Race Bannon turned out to have a thing for Hadji, while that damned irritating dog turned out to be an alien from anothe rgalaxy actively spying on our heroes.

sgt_doom, creative genius behind the Bollywood sensation, Lady Ga Ga Gupta Gupta, and the secret brains behind the internationally succesful sequel to Slumdog Millionaire, Slum do Do Do ( may have been aimed at the fetish crowd)
I - love - it!

That was the best theme music ever and I had forgotten how many crazy ass things they had on the show (black panthers AND mummies).

You know, I always did wonder how come neither Race or Dr. Quest ever really had a love interest. Now I'm grown up and I know.
Actually, Dr Quest looks almost exactly like this guy I know. And Jonny and Hadji need to lay off the cheeseburgers.