Suspension? Oh, for fuck's sake.
are the school board and principal ready to have their email servers crash?
Get those Low Orbit Ion Cannons ready...
Smug bastard Mike Lowry, Director of Schools

Phone: (423) 442-2373

I was in Tennessee in 1960 when it sported White and Colored drinking fountains and bathrooms, and the Catholic church I attended with my parents had been burnt down by the Klan, three times.

But I see Tennessee has continued it's fine traditions of segregation and hatred, and I was right to never return.

Go ahead and stew in your petty hatreds on your own: I'm sure you'll find someone else to hate when it's no longer fashionable to hate gays
Christ, how do they still not get it? Are all of their "news" source (I'm assuming it's just the one, probably FOX, else they'd HAVE to know they're looking at expensive legal fees in a climate of chopping public funding for everything) just sanitizing these stories?
@6 It's not necessarily the "news" sources sanitizing it, it's the legal system. These suits are usually settled out of court, and part of settling out of court almost always means not disclosing anything about the case, like exactly how much tax-payer money the school system had to pay out because of the douche-baggery of its administration. Hence, few people know that these things actually cost the schools BIG money and the administration is never called to the mat because of all the money they lost because ... well ... no one know that they lost a lot of money. We've had a number of these kinds of cases here in Maine, and as far as I can recall, the school administrations have always lost.
*angry flying monkey battle squeal*
oh no girls,
you've pissed your panties full of righteous homo-rage for NAUGHT!....

blame Danny's 2nd grade level reading comprehension......

anti-gay students passing petitions against formation of the club were also threatened with suspension.

as you were monkeys, resume grooming each others crotches, those crabs aren't going to eat themselves!
Well, what do you expect from a district that can't even spell "Sequoia" right?
@9: If you imprison Jews and Nazis alike, you can hardly claim to espouse freedom of speech. That anti-gay students were also censored doesn't justify the school's actions.
Woo boy, the principal, the vice principal and the director of schools all now have email address that no longer work.

Must have been quite a week in bigotville.
@10 - Sequoyah is spelled correctly for the Cherokee educator and silversmith who created the Cherokee syllabary. It is spelled incorrectly for the tree, but I doubt that's what they were trying to spell. If you look at the sign on their school, it shows an Indian chief (in the style and regalia of a Plains Indian, but whatever).
The article states:

Nathan Carroll (above), a senior at SQHS, says there's a big need for a GSA at their high school. "Just yesterday, students across the room would yell, 'God hates gays,'" said Carroll. "There is not going to be a gay club in this school. We don't deserve it."

The teacher(s) and administrator(s) who are tolerating this in the classroom have placed their school district (and themselves) into a legal nightmare. I hope that the threatened students sue all of the assholes.
@10 - Sequoyah High School is named after the Cherokee educator who created the Cherokee syllabary. His birthplace is very close to this school.
haha the second interview plays a phone call from the principal, in which he says he did it to eliminate disturbance at the school. just you wait Mr principal, just you wait. you will have your disturbance.
so when students yell GodHatesGays
you will sue the shit out of everybody @14
to smother their freedom of speech?
good plan.

it isn't about speech.
it's about behavior....

Junior, do you think GodHatesGays?
if not what harm is there in kids claiming he does.
are you afraid they will change gods mind about gays?
why can't the faggots yell NoNoGodLOVESGays
why sue the shit out of anybody?

grow up.
quit hiding behind aclu lawyers.
Well, what do you expect from a bunch of smug stupid faggots that that never even heard of Sequoyah?
@17: I'm really not sure what you're trying to say here, but I advise you to seek professional help. Psychiatrist or writing coach, your choice.
Please sign the petition asking for the Monroe County School system to permit a GSA at Sequoyah High School. Make the petition even more powerful by writing a thoughtful and respectful message about why you are signing. And please ask all your friends to sign as well!

Petition Link:

You can also post messages of support to the kids on their facebook page:…
Further developments (NOT good):…

Lovely note from the ACLU that will hopefully get their attention this time:…
Further developments (NOT good):…

Lovely note from the ACLU that will hopefully get their attention this time:…
Sorry about that double post.

And go here to sign a petition for the assault to be investigated:…

And support the Tennessee Equality Project!
Monroe countypoliticoes would rather have "straights hate and kill Gays. The Babtists just can't have gay and straights like each other
I've lived in Monroe county TN. (Madisonville) for 19 years. They like to think there are No gays here! HA. I'm here! and never have I seen so manygays (closeted or un closeted) in one area.
If they want to talk about being gay they can go somewhere outside of school to talk about whatever it is they need to talk about. I dont believe in this non sense... they just need to stop. If they can wear their stupid GSA shirts then we should be able to wear are god made Adam and Eve NOT Adam and Steve!!! Its stupid I dont even want to go to school anymore. When they did their petition at school they were herassing all the stupids to sign! After a girl asked someone to sign and they said no she called them "Stupid mother F's I hope you all die." that was the exact words of one of the girls trying to get the GSA started. I am a christian and This stuff is just not right... Im not judging but I dont like this at all..

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