The Anti-Gay Movement Is Preparing to Fight Marriage in 2012


If they want to wig out over Marriage Equality, and more importantly, waste millions of dollars airing VERRRRY SCARRRYY (OWWOOOOO! Heh-heh!) ads here in WA, I say let 'em. When the bill passes the Legislature, AND the inevitable referendum is approved by voters, maybe then they'll learn to put their tithings or whatever to more productive uses, like feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, comforting the afflicted; you know, all those things Yeshua told them to use it for in the first place.
So when do we get the R-71 lists revealed to the public?
Talk to 5 neighbors or join an ERW training if you can!
Another thing you can do is partner with pro-equity churches to get the message out that there are people of faith who support marriage equity.
Bleed the Mormons. Make them pay another $20M to make another stand in a losing fight.
The good news is, you don't need to spend a lot of money to get every supporter to go out and talk to 5 or 10 family members, friends, neighbors, etc.

Maybe I'm just getting old and jaded and paranoid, but sending this to the voters terrifies me. I know the public is capable of doing terrible things.

I find the general notion of putting anyone's civil rights up for a popular vote to be deeply disturbing.
Gary Randall truckstop cocksucking scandal in 5... 4... 3...
If supporters of gay marriage remember to take the cocks out of their mouths and/or put down their bongs long enough to actually fill in their ballots and mail them in, they can have only victory.

This is an issue people get militant about (rightly so) so any push from religious organizations will be met with an equal or probably greater response.
#7 has a point, good to see some people are becoming interested in expanding true equality, but the politicians should be making the decisions, and should have already approved this. Equal rights issues should never be left to mob rule, that's why there's inequality in issues still anyway. Politicians just need to buckle down and say "we're doing what's right and making everyone equal" ... note, I didn't say giving everyone equal rights ... because then someone will say "but the right is already equal." Fine, the right is applied equally yes, but it isn't equal in itself. It still favors a special circumstance as it is and needs to stop favoring that special circumstance in order to actually be an equal right.
Dom, good article, and good luck to you all trying to get it passed. But I thought it was supposed to be: 'State Rep Laurie (more lesbian that a flannel flatbed) Jinkins'.
Newsflash: If you want this approved by the legislature, it is subject to referendum laws.

That being said, getting out and talking to people NOW may keep the number of folks signing on as low as possible.
"The pro family movement is preparing to defend marriage in 2012."

There. Fixed your headline for you. No charge.
@13 We've long known that for the bigots, "Pro-Family" = "Anti-Gay", just like "School choice" = "Segregation" and "Social mores" = "Jim Crow". Thanks for confirming the direct translation.
@13 "The pro-family movement is preparing to defend marriage making sure gay people know they are second-class and despised by Jesus Christ himself.

I live in NH and witnessed the Maine debacle. The same thing will happen in Washington. NOM will blanket the state with negative adds during the final weeks of the election. With 55 % of the potential voters favoring gay marriage all they have to do is turn 4 or 5%. NOM hammers the voters with negative adds on the TV. Two weeks before the election, without any time for the progay groups to react, the internet will be blanketed with the most disgusting emails about homosexuality you can imagine thanks to MassResistance a partner of NOMs from Massachusets. These emails and negative attack ads will sway the necessary number of voters to sway the election to the pro marriage side. It won't matter the emails are lies and misinformation because there will be no time for the pro marriage side to react. The problem lies in the fact that many of the new gay marriage supporters are still weak in their support and can easily be swayed and may not even show up at the polls. I'm sorry for the negativity but this is what NOM and MassResistance will do. I doubt very much will will be able to hold onto gay marriage here in NH because the Republicans have a veto proof majority in the Legislature here.
@7 You're right, having the majority vote on the rights of any minority is just wrong. It's especially so when the SCOTUS has made it clear in 14 cases that the right to marry the person you love is a basic civil right.

Still, a likely ballot initiative or referendum about our lives and rights is the reality we have to deal with. What really stood out to me in Dominic's piece was this:

"So if the poll is to be trusted, if marriage equality advocates want to win, they need to go have some seriously awkward conversations with grandmothers and aunts and coaches and people who haven't had these conversations."

We need to have those awkward and sometimes uncomfortable conversations with our families, friends, and colleagues to get the rights we already know are ours.

On October 3rd, the Doe V. Reed case over Referendum 71 public disclosure will be back in Federal District Court. Judge Settle will be hearing oral arguments and then ruling on cross-motions for summary judgement in the case from plaintiffs and defendants/intervenors.

When the petition records are released, we'll finally have the transparency to allow us to check for "bait and switch" tactics, be able to determine if our signatures were gained by misrepresentation, and to see the people in our lives that we most need to talk with about the importance of being able to marry the person we love.
Maybe the church goers will be forced to donate money to aids research since it is a very big problem with gay and bisexual men, and maybe the state will pick up the aids medication bills for these promiscious gays, oh wait, they already do.