"We're Glad You're Dead!"


It'd be nice if the family would start releasing names to the press. I don't want to hurt the little assholes, I just want to find their facebook pages.
This kind of stuff makes me feel violent.
Does this sort of shit happen in other wesetern nations or are we the only one's with this high volume of mental sickness?
well, mac, perhaps you could look around f'book for tribute pages to Jamey. nasty-ass kids like to flame those or set up their own asshole pages. you know you can do it.
Same as The Banker's Heart.

@4 - Sadly, I can't get to facebook from work. It'll have to wait 'till I get home.
@3 One thing you have to keep in mind is that America wallows in showing off our dark side and analyzing ourselves to death. Many other western nations have horrific racial problems and I imagine there are other rampant societal ills, but they simply don't cover them like America covers our problems. We've got some nasty, hateful trolls in this nation, but we are at least acknowledging it now.
Evil does exist. Here is proof.
My brother said it's the kid's fault he's dead.
@2, I had the same reaction. How can you not beat the shit out of your kid for this sort of behavior? (of course, the answer is that the parents need beat themselves)
Possession of marijuana is a crime, but this is not?
The whole situation is depressing, vile, and a condition that I doubt will change if more efforts to educate, and reach out by all of us i.e. casual people who standby and hear or watch this happen, parents, teachers, politicians don't intervene. Poor kid, I remember football jocks in high school throwing lit cigarettes and full beers at me as I waited to cross the street as they drove by and called me a faggot. Sick shit, and not a single individual around detested or asked if I was o.k., I felt sick.
They sound like typical right wing Christians to me. Mean spirited and self righteous.
this is totally one of those moments when we need anonymous.

i want the names, addresses, photos and phone numbers of every kid involved in the bullying.

and their parent's info, and their grandparents info as well.
From the Jamey memorial page found here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jamey-Rode…

Jonas Hillary: "Consider this a reminder that faggots are not tolerated in the us despite what democrats want us to think!"


And he's a Taco Bell manager, very classy indeed!
@15 Sounds like time to call out Taco Bell and get the guy fired...
@15 - and a Taco Bell manager who got into law school at the University of Michigan living in backwater Utah at that...
@3 -- The U.S. gets the prize, Cato. There's intolerance and mean spiritedness in every nation, every culture, but only in the U.S. is it defended and celebrated this way.
go get 'em, flying monkeys!
They're still on the wrong side of history. There may not be much we can do to these creeps in the short term, but we'll still win out in the end.
If I were the parent of one of these kids, I'd be so ashamed. There must be something in the water up there, because I don't know what kind of dedicated hate would motivate a 14 year old to turn of Teen Mom or Jersey Shore and show up at a funeral just to continue being a little sh*t.

I work with kids all the time with anti-bullying program. They know exactly what theyre doing, and they usually will tone it down when they know there's an authority figure present who will hold them accountable, so seriously WTF
The worst part is that the school authorities and the school board have apparetnly done nothing about this outrageous behavior. Honestly, if these kids had been harrassing an African American student or a Muslim student, they would have been rightfully expelled. There is NO difference. The administration is communicating a very unfortunate message to all students by doing nothing about the bullies.
@19 Oh how I wish that there really were flying monkeys to come cart these vile filthy fuckers to some version of Hell, where they belong... or like the shadows that come alive in the movie Ghost and drag their worthless asses to Hell.
These people are indirectly responsible for this kids death. It's a mob mentality and they should all be tried as accomplices.
@14: Anonymous tends to get involved with issues of censorship or animal cruelty. They tend not to care about minorities' rights, except to the extent that doing so allows them to mess with christfags.
@1, then you're a better person than I. I want to hurt them. I want to hurt them bad.
Indeed, it's the kind of stuff that makes people feel like hating the haters and fostering anti-bigot bigotry. It's sad, and it's true, and it's deeply heartfelt.

What can you say? Bullies want to hurt; that's why they bully. Maybe when they make it into a movie the bullies will get their comeuppance. Maybe.
As much as I want to beat the living fuck out of these bullies, I'm trying damn hard to remember the strategy of Dr. King. We must love our enemies, help them realize how they've gone wrong, make them realize the vileness of their hate.

I know that's what we should do. I just don't know how to get to that place.
I live in Buffalo, and it's abominable what these kids are doing. It's a wealthy suburb, and their parents are protecting these bullies -- many of whom are also 14-15 years old -- from any consequences. The outrage is growing in the public, I just want to keep people talking so something decent will be done for the Rodemeyers. I cheer for the musicians who pay tribute, for the sites showing the story, for the news shows mentioning it. Jamey suffered for years, and his parents did try to help, and yet the community failed and continues to fail a smart, sensitive kid. He died in the face of all that hate, and that STILL wasn't enough for these monsters. A well-off school with lots of counselors FAILED this kid. Keep the outrage coming, keep the pressure on Williamsville North HS. You can see the pathetic letter from the principal to families here: http://www.williamsvillek12.org/files/27…
"Our counselors, social workers, psychologists, and other members of the District Crisis Team have been assisting students and faculty as they deal with this tragedy." Such a huge staff, but WHERE WERE THEY FOR JAMEY?
Well at least the school staff at the dance put an immediate stop to the bullying, and took measures to identify and punish the kids responsible...oh, wait...nevermind.

I'm quite sure that videos of the kids chanting such filth were captured by numerous students' cell phones. It will be a matter of days (or hours) before they start popping up on facebook/youtube.
Um, Dan? Could you please stop using the word "black" to signify evil and negativity?
From the online letter to Parents/Guardians:

"If you should ever have any questions about our approach to this or any other problem, please
don't hesitate to contact me at (716) 626-8005.
Scott G. Martzloff, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools"
i get so inspired for the future of humanity when i see the progress & the awareness that is happening. And then, the day that Dan posted Jamey's IGB video, i went to see it in hopes of reading some inspiring & uplifting comments. What i found, instead, were hundred's of hateful, cruel & ignorant comments/ People who did not know this child, but who were torturing this child's family before he was even put in the ground. It broke my heart for his family, but even more so for the human race. FUCK!
"It was the best of ties, it was the worst of times"... :(
I can't even imagine what the family must be feeling. I know how I would feel... best wishes to the Rodemeyers... and righteous vengeance on the f#ckers who still are bullying a dead kid.
Now do you understand that attempting to shame the bullies doesn't work?

And really, anything short of a beating doesn't work either.

These people are, in fact, actual sociopaths.
this actually happens often in other nations. in nations like Sudan you are killed for acting out a homosexual lifestyle. the U.S is one of few nations which gives attention to homosexual lifestyle acceptance however every single person cannot be policed.
@21 Actually, I afraid that the loathsome behavior is probably inculcated by the parents who are not at all ashamed of the hideous character of their children.

Something just occured to me. When we talk about sociopaths, we usually have adults in mind, as if only adults are sociopaths... Actually, I think perhaps this kind of personality develops earlier than that, and infact is more visible (but often more forgiven) in adolescence, and only in adulthood do sociopaths learn to be more subtle in hiding their true personalities.
@1: Yeah, something along the lines of, "Shame! Shame! Shame!"

@38: Diagnosing sociopathy (in the psychological traditions that still do so) is a no-go in pre-adults because all infants/toddlers and many pre-adolescents would qualify, even if their adult behavior won't ultimately reflect this. It has to do with younger children being unable to think about themselves as though they were in the place of others (the areas of the brain associated with empathy are physically underdeveloped in childhood) and an inability to engage in the kinds of abstract cognition necessary for thinking through consequences of behaviors beyond the immediate and direct. That said, encouraging that development through social reinforcement is definitely a good idea (e.g. "Hitting other people isn't okay because they don't like it; think about how you feel when someone hits you. Don't do things to other people that you don't want them to do to you.")
The school's letter says this: "school personnel investigate and promptly follow up with all reported instances of bullying. This response includes disciplinary consequences for those who bully."

So, does anyone know if they have followed up? Have the unspeakable monsters who were taunting him at the dance been identified and disciplined?
This is why I am pro school-shootings.
Who in the world is raising such hateful children? (And yes, I bet we can all guess who...)
Where were the adults?! Why didn't someone stop them at the first hateful utterance?! uggghhhhh...... Schools have silly "no tolerance" policies for medications and weapons, that have resulted in ridiculous punishments for minor violations - why NO TOLERANCE for hateful speech, bullying, intimidation...?? Is the administration at this school conservative Christian, so they believe actions like that are to be expected if you live outside the "norm"?
Beating the shit out of the kids that do this is what made them into bullies in the first place!
@44, I'm willing to take a chance.

Why can't we do it like Brad Pitt's character from Inglorious Basterds and deface these horrible, horrible fuckers? If they're so proud of taking an innocent person's life, let them wear a public mark of it FOREVER.

I literally shook with anger over this. These kids and their families should be bankrupted, forced onto the streets to be spat on and shamed for life.
If you want to call Taco Bell about manager Jonas Hillary's hateful comments, you can do so at 800-Taco-Bell.