What Do You Think About the Trailer for Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close?


The chances of Hanks or Bollocks making an interesting movie are already nil. The chances of making one out of that blob of schlock does not improve.
I think that kid is running around the big city by himself & talking to strangers too much.
i know i won't see this movie, but i didn't hate the kid. what's so bad about the kid?
Hnnnnggg! I already hated Sandra Bullock, and I think this makes me officially over Tom Hanks, too.

It's okay, it's okay. This time of year also brings movies that actually deserve the awards. It'll be okay.
U2, 9-11, Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock?

that smell wafting from your screen? it's well known as Eau de Contrived Pablum.
I was hanging in until the U2 started. I didn't even make the entire 2:29 before I had to stop it.
Funny thing is...I read this book but have absolutely recollection of it.
This movie is vomit inducing. The U2 is really the icing on the cake though
@7 it was very uplifting, in that special "here, I'm going to uplift you now with some crap I googled out of Chicken Soup for the Soul" way, after squeezing it through some smarty-pants typographical trickery designed to conceal the utter banality of it all.

My theory is that it is impossible to write emotionally true stories about 9/11 because the part of our brains that makes emotional truth possible has been atrophied in Americans that the only thing we can respond to anymore is triteness that Hallmark would be embarrassed to print, or people being kicked in the nuts. But that may be too extreme. Maybe someone could. But Foer certainly didn't.

A movie showing this kid getting kicked in the nuts over and over for 90 minutes might work.
This has that desperate feel of a movie that is trying way too hard to yank firmly on your heartstrings enough to win an Oscar.

No thanks.
@6 - it's the book where the kid has to find an identical answering machine so him mom won't know that the dad left a series of ever more tragic messages from inside the burning world trade center and the kid was in the apartment at the time but wasn't supposed to be so he never picked up the phone and he wants to listen to the messages over and over.

That part was a fucking brilliant nugget of story telling.

There was also a key and I think there was also a couple of pages with all sorts of overlapping print which was annoyingly contrived.
I love 8's second paragraph (but that's all). The trailer had me at "Max Von Sydow," so yeah, I'll watch it.
@11, I also think Max Von Sydow is a treasure, but I won't see this movie just for him. The Renton Landing's prices are $13.50. Does that make you reconsider?
Ungh, glurge.

I also couldn't stand the alternate story about the grandparents. OK, fine, connect 9/11 with the firebombing of Dresden, but the manner of storytelling seemed to be deliberately aping History of Love, except not even remotely moving or true to life. Foer's wife is a much superior writer, and he shouldn't try to copy her.
but it's got viola davis and jeffrey wright..
A few thoughts --

I'm realizing that I can't judge a film by its trailer because all trailers follow just a few templates.

I started laughing because the lyrics "I want to run" and "I want to hide" came over literal images. That's always funny.

I still might give it a shot as a rental or on TV, but because of the associations with Billy Elliott, Sandra Bullock and U2, I rate the odds of this being crap at about 2:1.
I thought the book was amazing, beautiful and heartbreaking. I loved the character of Oscar (the kid). Judging from the first 45 seconds of the trailer, this film will have absolutely none of the charm of the novel.
I hate u2
I hated the book, hated, hated, hated the book. I was in NYC for 9/11 and I HATE when people try to re-create it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And, what is wrong with U2?
too bad, i actually really loved the book.