I've Finally Figured Out the GOP


Well said.
"Thier politics is a frat prank that never grows old for them." Typo aside, this is a brilliant observation. Well said, sir!
@2, im surprised spell check did not catch that.
Yes to this. Also, I think I fell in love with venomlash reading that bake sale thread.
no. wrong. their plan is a plan to concentrate wealth and power in the elite by harming the working class and middle class and lowering the cost of labor ....it's a plan that has been remarkably successful in the last years sincew 1981.....the pranks you see are designed to distract americans from this plan....to divide the american working class....all too often liberals fall in line with this plan by snorting in elitist disgust and considering it a prank instead of talking about the overt clas warfare aspect of it. te plan works so well we even have obama proclaiming to labor he's for labor because he gave them a tax cut, or ed murray proclaiming he got a bipartisan deal for cutting the budget, or other democrats portraying their party as the party of common sense, competence and solutions while the gop is full of silly things. meanwhile the democrats do not take on wall street or work for real change. the bake sale cleverly hits on the thing in the democratic flank that splits off the white working class, and the democrats fall for it every time. they're only too happy to be divided. read the nyt today it's all a bout how obama can win with the higher income independents and he doens't need to go for actual working class voters in ohio. nope, college educated independents in colorado and nc are his base. this is exactly what the gop wants because it means even when the d's win, they keep the gop program in place.

we still have the bush tax cuts, right? obama wants to cut social security, right? we have no wpa plan right? we can barely manage getting new taxes to pay for fucking bridge repair, right? the gop plan is to impoverish us and I'd say it's working pretty well. when d's portray themselves as the only grownup in the room they take all the ideology and class content out of their message and give the gop a pass on what's really happening.
As @5 notes, only more nicely, it's a BAKE sale, not baking. What, you've never sold cookies before?
@7 how could you tell?
I usually don't comprehend, much less agree with, Charles' analysis or opinions. But this time, . . . yeah, that's about right.
and with Dems in control of the Senate, and Obama's veto pen behind that, none of this grandstanding bullshit will go anywhere.
Sometimes Charles Mudede says things that are so stupid and annoying, I swear I'm never going to read another word from him. Sometimes, he says things that are so smart and right on target, I remember why I never stick to that vow.
Negative, Mr. Mudede, you're still a bit confused.

Try examining all those presidential appointments in the Reagan, Bush #1, Clinton, Bush #2 and Obama administrations.

Notice the incredible similarities???? Note the proliferation of reappearing names from Reagan and Bush in Clinton's administration, then reappearing in Bush #2, then once again in Obama?
Note how neocons from Schwarzenegger's state government administration (CA) later appear in Obama's administration?

Note how the former consultants on that Cheney/Poindexter Total Information Awareness Project later appear in Obama's administration?

Note how that congressman, Jack Colby, who was Reagan's point man for offshoring American jobs back in 1986 is now Obama's trade representative?

Note how Larry Summers and Timmy Geithner first appear in Bush #1's administration, reappear in Clinton's, then once again in Obama's administration?

Note any frigging pattern here? When the same people appear from Reagan to Obama, that is called a seamless continuum, all the samo samo perpetrators, just a few different sock puppets at top.

And it's even worse when the nepotism is examined? After all, Obama reappointed Bush's (#1, then #2's) Robert Mueller as FBI Director, while it was President John F. Kennedy who fired Robert Mueller's grand-uncle from the CIA, Richard Bissell.

Know who Timothy Geithner is descended from?? (HINT: related on the Moore-Mellon side, and was also treasury secretary at the previous worst time)

Know who Diana Farrell's daddy was? (She's the number one jobs-offshoring specialist in America whom Obama appointed to his economics council -- she's since left -- and she wasn't even an economist!)

How many of those on the Joint Chiefs of Staff also had daddies who served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff? The number is truly mind-boggling, dudes!

Robert Gates, former SecDef, remember who was SecDef during the '50s? Uncle Gates, that's who!

When one drills down, it gets worse and worse and worse......

What 6 said, and then another point to consider. The Rs have spent the last thirty years doing their best to eviscerate public education. No Child Left Behind was written to hamstring public school teachers and hobble them on the barren ground of teaching to the test. Making success and funding dependent on advancing through NCLB scores means that public schools -- the schools the proletariat attends -- are unable to teach anything remotely approaching critical thinking or analysis skills. An uneducated lower class dominated by a privately educated over class is the long-term aim. Republicans don't work on the short plan. They take the long view that even if there's a generation or two gap between concept and fulfillment they will benefit; if they can lower overall education levels, dull the ability for rational analysis, and slip their middle-income employees into lower paying work they'll come out on top economically. Every step they take is toward a society of two classes: the rich and the serfs.
Can't we just go ahead and declare the Repug Party to be a traitorous, or perhaps even a terrorist organization?

It's abundantly clear by now that their aim is to destroy America. Why don't we just take the gloves off and declare them traitors?
You've actually said something that doesn't make me want to bash my head against a wall.
Thank you Republicans for proving yet again how much easier it is to destroy than to build, to hinder than to help. But hey, it's a hell of a lot more fun!