Downtown Seattle Association Endorses YES vote on $60 Car Tabs


Does anyone read those mailers?

I literally recycle them when I get them.
Shouldn't the headline read: 

"Association of wealthy downtown business and corporate interests endorses tax on average working Seattleites and the poor to pay for improved access to their businesses".
And I endorse voting Yes on the increase of $60 for car tabs.

So I don't think there is much else to discuss. Shout glory to Me!!

I write "Return to Sender" and drop it in the nearest mailbox. Whatever business that sent it now gets dinged a dollar to have it mailed back to them.

Voting no on this, because street level light rail wont be safer, faster or more convienet than our current fleet of electric, hybrid disel or hydrogen buses. Seriously, if the street car is stalled (cause someone hit it), all the street cars behind it are now stuck for an hour or two (cant re-route) while Metro sends out back up buses. If the trolly gets hit in the intersection, then YOU are stuck until the back up bus arrives. They will not let you off unless trolly is next to the sidewalk. Had this happen on the 256 last week, stuck in the middle left turn lane, sat there for 30 minutes while the next 256 cruised right passed us. They wouldnt let us off the bus and some riders only had a stop to go, they could have easily walked to work in 10 minutes, but couldnt due to Metro policy.
@4 You're voting no because of a bad bus ride? Mature.
These guys do have a bit of clout with the big-wallet types.

A good conservative, establishment endorsement to get on a relatively liberal ballot measure.
@4: While I happen to agree that the mayor's streetcar plan is a band-aid on a transit system that needs a heart transplant, @5 is right that your logic for opposing it doesn't hold water. Why would a different mode of transportation retain any similar operating procedures?

Also, if what happened on your bus happened to me, and the driver refused to let passengers off after a calm appeal to reason, I'd smash the emergency lever access panel by the rear door and fucking let myself off. What's the driver going to do, chase me?