This Is Not How You Should Handle E-Book Corrections


Does WiS write customer-disservice e-mails for Amazon now?

-random capitalization, check.

-subject/verb disagreement, check.

-utter lack of meaningful or usable content, check.
@1 no, it's the iPad and iPhone and Android "auto-correct" software that does that.

But thanks for thinking of me!
I'm pretty out of the book reader device loop. Do all of these reader devices allow the seller to go into your device at a later time to retrieve or alter content?

I'm so confused about how anyone could find that acceptable on any level in the first place...
@1 - WiS is a chatbot. I wouldn't say Cleverbot, because, well...

But in any case, his comments are computer-generated. The algorithms still need some refinement.
I think I'll just stick to the paper version, thanks.
If you read the Teleread comments you see that the update was optional and explicitly warned of the lost bookmarks. This is a complete non-issue.