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Why do right wing blogs look like someone puked out the layout and design? It looks three steps below amaturish.
I hope that t-shirt has a long, long tail. Those jeans look like they're ridin' low, and I don't need any plumbing done today, thanks.
Dan's Mudede-esque focus and the reflection off that belt made me think I was looking at flesh.
You should buy him a beer in the hotel bar and swap stories about Santorum.
@ 2 ..i want to pants him and end the suspense.
For a second I thought I was looking at his butt crack.
@3, i thought I was seeing crack too. And then I went to the website, and thought I was smoking it.
That's a might gold belt for a republican!
Needs more flags.
Fancy-pants kidney-pie illusion.
Hydrophobia and homophobia go hand in hand.
I am clearly missing something here. Checked out the blog and it's just typical batshit crazy conservatism. Is there something in the picture that I'm not seeing? Am I going to feel really stupid for asking this?
Rabies and Republicanism are a good fit.
I'm not going to that site. I assume it's every bit as disjointed and agrammatical as one would expect?
If he's really got rabies, he should be humanely put down. Poor guy.

Only if he has Euthanasia insurance, because I sure as fuck am not paying for someone else's procedure. That would be SOCIALISM
Yes, you really should. Especially this piece about Liz Warren:

But don't read it just after you've eaten. In fact, it might be best to be drunk when you do. And keep a bucket ready.
WOW this guy's blog is loathsome. Here is a rape-themed perversion/"satire" of the Elizabeth Warren no-one-got-rich-by-himself quote:

yup that's the one @17. glad I'm not the only one ready to puke.
Well, his blog is down now. Dan Savage's Blind Monkey Legion: more powerful than a Low Orbit Ion Cannon.
Why, oh why did I click on that link?
i thought it was pretty funny. like hipster runoff for conservatives.
On first glance I swear that was crack showing. But no, it was just a filthy fucking republican.
I saw the Elizabeth Warren thing, and read it, and started trying to untangle that mess of a comparison before stopping after I realized the only thing I'd find at the heart of it was a lump of shit.

Dude has supplanted intelligibility with angry political bile. But, hey, at least his advertising works.
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Glad I declined to click.

I'm with others who are thinking ass crack plumber jokes as the reason for this post. There's just something about him from this angle that's reminiscent of young, relatively skinny Danny Aykroyd.
I just had a great dinner and Dan set me up for failure. That guy's site is knee deep in santorum with a covering of guano.
Well, I think the hand grenades next to every post's title are a nice, subtle touch.
Evil sexist shit
He sounds snarky. He might even be one of those smart, non-hypocritical conservatives who actually believes what he says all the way through. Should be entertaining, at least.
@17 no kidding! How on earth does that tacky parody work to dismantle her argument? Offensive!

It breaks down in the middle. People paid *money* for things that helped her be hot (though of course there are those to whom it comes naturally), so why should she have to repay them with *sex*? (Conservatives advocating prostitution now?)

If she makes any extra money because she's hot--say she works as a model, or her boss just pays her more because he likes her looks--then she will pay taxes on that. If a guy buys her a dozen roses to get her to bed him, he'll pay sales tax. So she *does* give back to society in exactly the same way the factory owner in the original argument does. If thought through logically, it's a case in point.

I almost posted that over there, but I don't want that lunatic to have my e-mail address.
He is a lunatic. I made a HUGE mistake, and posted a comment along the lines of "you're a lowlife dipshit, and for you to make that analogy is appalling." Unfortunately, it had my name associated with my email address, and he was able through the powers of google find my school email address, where he emailed me and is threatening to contact people at my school for my "vulgar" comments. Pretty comical really...