Amanda Knox Acquitted


Paging Mudede for an apology.
Suck it, CM.
I understand why she cried so hard, must be a relief and a surprise after lying consistently to be free despite the fact that you were never completely honest about what happened.
So, I might, like, run into her at the grocery store in West Seattle now? Akward...
Paging Mudede for a semi-coherent masturbatory diatribe.
I never follow crime, but of course her youth and the Seattle connection interested me. And I am VERY happy for her.
I am so relieved for her and her family.

The man who killed Meredith Kercher is in prison. The innocent are being freed. Justice has been done.

Come home, Amanda.
I'm glad she's coming home.
I'm taking her to Than Bros.
So happy for her. Fuck you Italy.
Can't wait now for her to rake in millions on book deals and interviews while pathetic CM tries desperately to get people to buy an overwrought book of his. You are a piece of shit Mudede. You disgust me.
She's a sociopath who, at the very least, was an accomplice in a senseless murder. She'll make millions from a book and a probable reality series. She's scum and should have stayed in prison. There is no reason to feel anything positive about this turn of events. Money rules all over the world, apparently.
I'll probably never understand how Knox and Sollecito get 20+ years in prison while the guy with actual evidence against him gets just 16 years.

I am glade that Amanda Raffaele and have been acquitted. Awhile ago I was pretty much sure that they didn't do it as the prosecution kept changing their fucked up theories and all of the really harsh tabloid press headline spins on the people and case.
Innocent people dont blame the black guy.
Finally, it's put right. Good to know that the Italians are not barbarians after all, and that an overzealous prosecutor with zero professional standards can indeed be overruled by the cooler heads of a higher court. now, if they can just get rid of Berlusconi...
@13: Since you have the inside line and complete certainty about faraway events based only on media reports, can you fill us in on the JFK assassination, Troy Davis' innocence, and the identity of Jack the Ripper?
So much slut-shaming and crypto-Catholic bullshit went into the prosecution it was impossible to know what actually happened and what her real role was. I guess that means the presumption of innocence has been served.
Geez, it's difficult to wrap my head around what it must be like to send your young, bright college-age daughter off to a year abroad in Italy.....and then watch her go through this nightmare for 4 years.
What a mess.
Very glad it turned out the way it did today.
Welcome home, Amanda.
I'm so glad for Amanda Knox and hope she can get her life back after this terrifying incident. 

I also, still, never want to go to Italy after this. An out-of-control prosecutor was able to disregard DNA science, basic police procedure and Italian law to lock her up based on an embarrassingly cheesy theory (she had condoms ---> she-devil!!!), and Italians let it happen because they didn't like her clothes. Now, in her appeal, she dresses up and cries a lot so they decide she's just a misunderstood innocent after all. If I were Italian, I'd be embarrassed. 
Boy, I'm thinking I was living an Amanada-Knox-free life there for whole months, and I truly did not appreciate it.

For God's sake, don't let CM post any more Knox items tonight. Stagger them a bit, OK?
this girl is a sociopath and guilty as hell...look at the evidenc..her history and her character..she got away with the movie and book deals..evil..but just because she is young and pretty she couldnt do it?..get over yourselves America