Washington Democrats Offer Tentative Support to the Occupy Seattle Protest


Yes we probably could if we read the particulars!
WOW!! That's called bold leadership!! Fuck, he's got balls of steel!!
They shouldn't get involved as a party. If individual politicians want to stick their necks out (like Bernie Saunders), hell yes, do it. The party aligning themselves this soon would be nothing but a PR move.
you can forget about progressive leadership from the democrats when you can't even get progressive followship.
The Democratic Party is part of the problem. We're not going to find real solutions through either of our established parties. They both take wall street money; they're both corrupt and do not speak for the people.
great messaging, Dwight. Right on par with all Democratic messaging: don't upset the undecideds by supporting your base.
@5 is spot on.
@5 is correct. Both parties are on the take.
The Democratic Party in Whatcom County is supporting our local demonstration tomorrow, using their email list to promote the solidarity demonstration in Bellingham. I think the state party will come around, especially if local chapters drag them in.
Eli, you just can't seem to stop lying for and about the Democrats. Please show me where professional ass sucker Pelz offers any support for the people who are protesting against the corporations and institutions that own his party?