Immigrants Against Wells Fargo


"Big banks are now the universal enemy. And it's great that people are confronting them directly, rather waiting for the political process to eventually do close to nothing."

But according to our resident experts here, the political process is voting (e.g. only for incumbent DEMs, third-parties are useless moron! Primaries are useless, moron!) and the political process is the only way to effect change.
The also need to stop advertising how secure they are against "Apache raids".
It's about time people really started mobilizing. Politicians who want to change things need people to be actively working for change themselves; just winning an election is not enough..

Obama and his administration knew this, they practically begged us to remain active and working for change after the election. Instead, most people just sat on their hands and waited for change to happen. Now we've been crying that the administration wasn't able to accomplish what we wanted when we left them to face the opposition alone. The support and voice of people makes change possible.
@3 I like blaming the victim too. It's fun.
Good god, I had no fucking idea that we would outsource incarceration to private fucking companies. Holy shit that is bad, like serious and obviously bad. God what a horrible country with such monsters in it.
@4 - Well, maybe if the electorate didn't dress like such a slut, we'd have some meaningful financial reform.