City Finds 37 Medical Pot Dispensaries Failing to Comply with New Licensing Rules


Hmmmm, ASA, Greta Carter, CDC, Rachael Kurtz..... you ladies met with the city council on our behalf last Thursday. There were questions asked of the membership of several groups for input to the Mayor. These questions were prosecutorial and self incriminating in nature. Now we have the stage set for the DEA to intervene to eliminate the "rogue dispensaries". Other cities have seen the same pattern of actions. Please ask yourselves what the common denominator is and react accordingly.
Really Slog? Click to keep reading? That single additional paragraph?
Am I the only one who has a hard time understanding what @1 is talking about or is that a super-inside-baseball comment? I get general concern, but the rest of it needs a bit more context.
Any way to find out which ones got hit?
@2, it's a space thing, sorry.

@3, You are not alone--I have very little idea what the fuck @1 is taking about.
ASA and CDC (American for Safe Access and Cannabis Defense Coalition) are cannabis activist groups...the two ladies are directors of the groups. Both groups were asked by the Mayor to provide tax information, financial arrangements, security measures, etc concerning operation of access points.

This sort of information is often used by the DEA to arrest patients and providers. Business license implies taxes, taxes not paid are reason to investigate "rogue dispensaries".

The question being asked is "How to provide safe access to patients who need cannabis medicines?" Since all cannabis in access points is being grown by patients and the end users are also patients, why is there a need for an access point?

Politics and money... yeah it was very insider, I guess.

Join one or both of the groups for an insider look up close...;-D
Do some research on the MMJ scene in San Diego vis a vis ASA and perhaps do some research as to policy making on this subject here in Seattle. Cienna, were you at the Thursday meeting? Have you ever attended any of the policy making groups meetings? There is a CDC Safe Access meeting tonight in Georgetown at the Alternative Care Clinic on 4th Ave. Love to have your input...;-D
sam (aka pupuguru) is incorrect. the city asked general questions to know what is going on in the world of access points. a sheet with some general business model examples that various access points are using (they're all really making it up as they go) was provided for them but we never even got to it in the meeting. the city in no way requested or received any information about any individual access points. everything said is general unless the people at the table want to talk about their own particular access point. sam is spreading paranoid rumors and is basically a bully.
But I am not a name caller....that is harsh from a lawyer and CDC director to a member... thanks...;-D
Greta, Rachel....we all know each other. The second either of you think that you can speak as real activists here, think you are experts on the topics discussed, or speak on behalf of the patients, you better do a serious reality check. The two of you might want to sit down and have a conversation with me before you decide to speak on behalf of the "community" or speak with the City. We can have lunch tomorrow if you like.

Last I represent far less than 1% of this community and you are coming close to putting all of us in serious danger. You can be stupid on your own behalf all you like, but just never claim that you represent ANYONE but yourselves (or the CDC) when you talk to City officials.

The writer in this story needs some serious education too. The real problem is NOT city's STATE licensing. It's L & I, it's the Department of Revenue, it's Employment Security. If you don't understand even that much of the situation facing all of us, you might want to educate yourselves before trying to discuss this issue with anyone at the city.

If any of you want to discuss this, you each have my cell phone number. I suggest you use it before you end up causing any more damage and angering our friends that work for the City of Seattle. As far as I can see, they're the only friends we have. Please don't try to deceive them into thinking that you represent the medical cannabis community. We all know that tha's simply not the truth. Hell, Greta, you've only live here for six months! If you'd like to argue these issue here publicly, I'll be happy to do that too, but leave our city officials alone.

Steve Sarich
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