A Kelly O Lunchtime Quickie of a Different Kind


Wait, what? In my experience the breasts are usually separated from each other. RIP, conjoined-breast lady.
Her cleavage is beyond her chest... x_X
It's almost a unibreast. But even for porn, she's extreme. She's fetish. Also, you'd think she was a fucking nun from the sound of her obit. How about "She starred in titty fuck movies. Her breast were so big, they grew together. Random old men would grab her and fondle her at her movie premieres. She was a star! Unfortunately, she couldn't wear a seatbelt and her God punished her in a bloody car wreck. RIP."

Are you kidding me? Those things are like, built-in airbags.
I love this photo so much--Bering Strait cleavage and all.
Happily, Candye Kane is still with us (she was successfully treated in 2008 for the same kind of pancreatic cancer that Steve Jobs had).

Candye regularly performed at the CityFest street fair in San Diego's Hillcrest gayborhood. She's a much-loved performer with a great big ...heart.
That's not a "whitewashed obituary." It's a paid death notice, usually paid for by the family (through the funeral home). They pay for it; they can write whatever they want about her.
Candye Kane rocks!
Glad you like her too, Scary. Has she been to Seattle recently? If not, you folks should try to get her up there.
I love Candy and had the opportunity to perform with her. Her breasts are magnificent in person. And she is a beautiful person!
Her obit says the "she liked to ride horses". That was a type-o. They obviously meant "cocks".
This is a giclée photo print, 40 x 52 inches, and it is for sale
and thanks for the Candye Kane info
How much are you selling the print for? It's HUGE!
look at that boobass
It is huge! Signed, framed and under glass: $ 800.85

( see that, the price spells "BOOBS" )
she played Tits Hemingway

Why "Tits"? I don't get it.

6/rob, thanks for the info on Candye Kane. She's great. I discovered her about fifteen years ago. I've got all her albums and have seen her perform 5-6 times. Her best shows were when she had rockin' Sue Palmer on keyboards. Also, a woman I turned on to her once got Candye to throw a Tupperware party at her apartment in Seattle. She was there to sell her wares, not perform, but she did treat us to one acoustic song.
Sue Palmer! Yeah! As soon as I read her name, an image of her beehive hairdo, dark glasses, and valentine-covered dress popped into my head! Found her website, and also found that she and Candye still perform together:


And I know what Kelly O needs for Christmas:


Thanks for the flashback, Roma.
You're welcome, Rob. And thanks for the link to that article. That's cool that Sue is still performing with her. I thought she left the band because the last few times I saw Candye, Sue wasn't with her. I've got a couple of Sue's albums...great boogie-woogie piano.

I'd love to seem them again. I just checked her tour schedule and see that she's going to be in Seattle on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Unforunately, I think I'm going to miss her since I might be going to Italy that week.
go to hell echo valley!