Carmageddon, by Bike (Or: Downtown to West Seattle in 20 Minutes, no Viaduct Necessary)


As you know, that bicycle path is hazardous due to the danger of 500 pound marlins leaping from Elliot Bay and impaling riders on their long pointed snouts.

Hence, a new 6 Trillion dollar subluminal bike tunnel (SBT) will be constructed for the 500 ft length of the danger area.

That new bike path is amazing. As is the extension of the southern Ship Canal Trail under the Ballard Bridge. We are winning.
I love the ride out to Alki.

But once you get there, stay off the mixed use path and just ride on the road. I was literally hip-checked off my bike by an extremely oblivious girl on rollerblades who suddenly decided to execute a spin move right into me. Fucked my bike up good, and nearly bashed my head on a landscaping rock.
Aside from rain, which admittedly wasn't present yesterday evening,

Problem #1 is, admittedly, a VERY LARGE problem. Getting nice clear weather in both the morning and the evening is a rarity 7-9 months of the year (depending on the year).

Problem #2 is that you went to where in West Seattle? Just the edge of it? Or did you try to go into the very hilly neighborhoods where most of the people live?

Otherwise, I'd agree, it is probably a pretty nice bike ride.
Rain isn't a problem if you are prepared. I ride all year and end up riding in the rain a lot. Seattle rain is usually not too hard So a rain jacket and booties go a long way to keep you dry and warm.
That new WS bike path isn't without problems.
Sooo maybe I'm a dummy, but I've been bike-commuting from the Central District to West Seattle (Delridge) for the last year+, and I personally think that bike commute sucks. I'll admit, I haven't done it in like a week, but unless things have somehow drastically changed in that week....There's the nice new bike path for a little bit throughout some of downtown, but then eventually you either have to ride on the street with all the huge trucks going in and out of the port, or you have to ride on that super bumpy sidewalk. I've eaten shit more than once because I stopped paying attention for a second and then went flying over an unexpected rise in the sidewalk. Not to mention all the gravel, glass, etc that's in the road from all the construction. It's faster for me than the bus and I don't have a car, so it's what I usually choose, but it's a shitty-ass ride.
The major impact of Viadoom has, naturally, not been where the Tunnel-obsessed DOT people thought, in the South End.

People there knew it would be a problem, and rerouted.

In fact, it's been North of the Ship Canal, along major East-West arterials as all the traffic that normally uses the Viaduct has gone East to I-5, resulting in major delays along 50th and other E-W roads.

There have been delays down near SLU, of course, but most people knew those would happen.

Expect a few fired people, since people North of the Ship Canal are used to getting their way, and are fairly active in certain circles.
Analemma @7 is totally right. It's a shitty horrible piece of turd of a ride; I've been doing it for years. Kudos to Tom Rasmussen (who otherwise is kind of a tool) for putting his ass where his mouth is (ew!) and being a regular W. Seattle bike commuter.

I've taken to recently be-sharrowed 1st Ave S. Straight, predictable, well lighted and paved. E. Marginal Way may be a major bike route but SDOT should be ashamed of themselves and anywone claiming the bike ride to and from W. Seattle is peaches and cream is a stupid polyanna.

My two cents, anyway.
@6- I don't get it. The problem is that some drivers don't obey they law there? That doesn't make it especially dangerous, just regular dangerous.
Calling it "viadoom" only adds to the needless hype of this event. Cut it out.
#6 That video is worthless. Why would you go in the road when there's a spot to the right for bikes where no cars are? If you make that mistake then you're an idiot. "Oh gee I can't make split second decision between 'ride with huge semi trucks' or 'go on bike path'."
I bicycle to my home in West Seattle, any route to my home involves a hill. I'm over 50 years old and I am a woman. You just have to try it. yes, initially you'll have to walk up the big hills, but eventually you'l be able to ride all the way. you will need a bicycle that has gears.