Seattle Cops Think Rubber Bullets and Pepper Spray Are a Big Joke


i think that "jokela" fellow is really john curley. he'll do anything for attention!
One day The Stranger is all about loving the cops and the next day they hate them. Pick a side! This is WAR!!!
Guess that's why they leave them around on the trunks of cars.
You're a reporter?
Jesus Christ, some people are never happy. Would you rather he split your fucking head open?

Just a bored civil servant trying to get through the day. What a monster.

Most big monsters start out as little monsters; it's the getting away with minor abuses that give them the confidence to escalate up to the major ones.
@6, yep. by Friday the SPD will be using armored tanks and gang rape against the protesters.

@1, Isn't John Curely dead, or homophobic or racist? There's something about him that sticks out in my mind...none of it good.
Don't agree that being a wise ass = minor abuse.

The cops so far have been pretty damn patient, all things considered.
Gross gross gross!

That guy washing his eyes wth the water running off the awning obviously doesn't realize that the water is filtered through tons of piled up pigeon shit before fallIng down on his face.
For what it's worth, I was there around 9 last night. Officer Jokela was one of the friendlier cops. Meaning he'd at least respond to questions from protestors, rather than stick to a stony glare. He even explained to another protestor what a dangly bauble on his bike was all about.
I'm sure Goldy never jokes around in the office while he's doing his job. Because that would be unprofessional, you know.
They take our crap all day. And they know there is a core of "Hate the Police" Bandana Face Brigade that will push the issue until pepper spray is necessary. AT Chase folks were asked to move (I was there). They then attempted to use there bikes as barriers. If you are in the vicinity of #occupy folks locking arms and refusing PD demands, there's a real good chance you will be spayed. The human chain, no car in or out was a stupid action on our part.
Some cops are thugs, but most were cool. Joked with several guys in front of Sheraton. One took a 99% button. But they have a job. If we start breaking crap and holding up traffic, they will do their job.
We are here to change the system, let the Chase guy know we're pissed. We're not here to fight with cops.
All big city police departments need one of those powerful water cannons or one of those new crowd lasers that make protesters feel like they're on fire. The police are being way too tolerant in places like Seattle and Oakland. They better put the hammer down before this Marxist crap gets out of hand.
@11 - Because working for the Stranger and working for the police force require similar levels of professional courtesy.
its disgusting. this is not a regular job. they fucking have lawful use of force. they should be more professional, every one of them, and held to a higher standard or fired. their very presence at a peaceful protest escalates violence.
@13 - Now take it like a 16-year-old! Like a grown woman!
Yeah, they should be more professional. But if this is the worst the cops did I'm somewhat pleasantly surprised.
Good thing he's got that camo jacket. Blends in well with the urban jungle.
@13 - Troll! Bridge! NOW!
"The human chain, no car in or out was a stupid action on our part."

Yeah, it really fucking was. The people are turning against you pretty quickly. I'd say you need to get your house in order concerning these 'radical' types.
I understand your concern Goldy, but guns shoot bullets. I can't help but think, "Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer."
@7 - It's much, much worse - he's a politician (Sammamish City Council).

I support your right protest, but if you continue fucking up our neighborhood, screwing with our lives, and basically making a goddamned mess of our peace, then we are going to get mad at YOU, not 'the system.' We aren't going to ragefuck 'the banks' because you have a 20 something poly-sci hair up your ass and start breaking shit. We live here. Please don't shit on the rug.


Speaking of showing open disrespect to the people they serve, can we start putting some pressure on SPD to do something tangible about their narcotics detective and his recurring DUI issues?

@23 that's exactly what they're saying to the Chase CEO who is helping loot America and sell us to his comrades in Red China.

yeah not so much.

If you really are, then GO TO HIS HOUSE.

and take all the fucking red OWS 'radicals' with you.
@26: And we are getting people to discuss this! Success!

OWS stays.
"We've got arguments and they've got guns."
Well, these extremely highly paid douchey types on the S(lacker)PD might find humor in the darnedest things, wait until 2014, the year which they plan to go after their pension funds and fully privatize the police.

From California, to Michigan, Georgia, Indiana, and elsewhere, in smaller townships they have privatized their police.

In Wisconsin, Gov. Wanker privatized the court guards when he was country executive, but it was later overturned by the courts (he didn't have the authority to do such).

Gov. Wanker used G4S, the firm used most frequently around the country and around the world.

Little known G4S (Group 4 Securicor, formerly G4S Wackenhut), is supposed to be the second largest private employer in existence, and the largest private security services firm.

Their chief lobbyist in Washington, D.C., Jeffrey Starr, was a top guy with the Defense Intelligence Agency, and then was with Goldman Sachs' Business Intelligence Group, and later with Wackenhut. (Note the name Starr, not a coincidence that it relates to the founder of AIG, whose nephew, Kenneth Starr, was a former special prosecutor who once went after Clinton's covert love life: "I did not have sex with that woman!")

Their goal is the privatization of all police forces, and judicial personnel everywhere.

And doubt if by 2014 anyone will have much sympathy for the corrupt police of the world, especially given the corruption rate in NYC (100% at this point, judging from all the corruption trials now going on, and recall that back in 1978 the Knapp Commission found that 88% of the NYPD was on the take, that is, crooked.)…
Seattle OWS reminds me of Fresh Prince song "Parents Just Dont Understand", when you steal dads car and take it for a joy ride, man those parents get all upset, what up with that yo!?

When protesters attempt to ransack the lobby of a bank and hotel, relentlessly provoking and taunting the cops, man they really dont like that and mace us when we continue to taunt them, those cops just dont understand what were trying to do here, what up with that yo!?
Blocking streets without a permit is a crime.

Blocking access to private businesses is a crime.

And Goldstein, lying to the police is a crime. You're not a reporter, you're a\propagandist hack.

Too bad the police didn't start using those flowers to sweep the streets of the trash.
@ 31, you apologized for calling for violence, yet here you are doing it again.

Don't bother apologizing unless you mean it.

@ Goldy, I said this on the other thread where the "flowers" comment was first reported, and I'll say it here again - Ask a stupid question...
No. I apologized for wishing physical harm on someone in lieu of reasoned debate.

If a person stands in front of a train, I wouldn't apologize for noting that the Sounder in the back might not feel very good and he ought to move. If a person commits crimes I don't apologize for wishing the police to enforce the law using non-lethal but forceful means.

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Lynnwood for life.....
@32: So it's stupid for a person who has never seen a riot control rifle before to ask the officer holding it to confirm whether it shoots rubber bullets? It was dark. Maybe it shot pepper spray. Or tear gas canisters. Or real bullets. I assumed rubber bullets, but it's stupid of me to confirm, huh?

Honestly, I politely asked an officer of the peace a straightforward question. And three times he gives me a stupid, bullshit response. But I guess that's my fault.
@ 36 Goldy

Well to be fair to the cop you are really ugly and stupid-looking, and your high wimpy voice is incredibly annoying.

He is probably just another of the thousands of seattleites who hate your fucking guts.
When a donut devil is killed it sometimes brings a smile to my face. I'm just joking around, really I am.

Police are a huge waste of tax money.

That's okay! I hope you get firsthand experience of what one of these looks like in action soon!

(Hint- Maalox won't take the sting out of a rubber bullet.)

Hey Seattleblues, have you ever been to a Slog Happy? We'd really like to meet you.
I think photo bombing is funny.
@ 36, yes. It was not only stupid, but it was lazy if you not to research riot control methods before you went to cover the fucking riot.

Jesus, just when I think I couldn't be less impressed with Slog's resident politics expert, you come up with something that underwhelms further. Can't be bothered to think that the Secy of State race matters. Can't be bothered to figure out which gun shoots bullets and which one launches canisters. Thinks police might be packing live ammo for riot control. Jesus fuck...
So, SB, @ 39 is NOT an example of wishing harm on someone in lieu of reasoned debate? Do you do this out of contempt or stupidity?
Cops are thugs who revel in their ability to commit violent acts with impunity; film at 11.
@ 38, you ever share that joke with 5280? Just curious.
@36: Goldy, it's a great question. However, just because you are the media doesn't mean people are constitutionally obligated to give you a straight answer. Or even morally obligated.

Also, these cops handed you fascinating story, which you sort of blew. The actions of the cops you mentioned are pretty unique as far as I know, and possibly point to some formal media-relations strategies adopted by the department? Humor as a deescalation tactic? Or possibly this is just a coping mechanism for being in a tense situation with your every move captured by dozens of cameras.

Either way, that's a fucking interesting story. Whining that they made your job difficult? Not so much.
I have never seen such a hands off approach but police to such blatant assaults upon them. So what if they laugh or joke to blow off tension/steam. Get over it.
@45 Hey Mattie, you'd be surprised at the things I've said and heard. Dipshit.
@48, I sincerely doubt it. Sad sacks can't impress me.
Goldy, You need to tell the cops you are working press and show your press I.D. As far as Officer Jokela it looks like he is making fun of the guy in the camo. Cops can be jerks but you have to sometimes think that cops are people too. I know you must know a a-hole at your work. Same as with cops I would think that if you was a cop in the cold and rain you would not like to be at home and not in the rain.
P.S. I just seen the video and I know your not that guy but you do sound like that Richard Lee ( Kurt was murdered) guy maybe the cop thought ot was you? Just sayin.
Seattleblues @39: Wishing physical violence on me, huh? I guess nothing takes the sting out of the constant intellectual ass kicking you get here in the comment threads.
Now that I have seen the post about the Costie. You Officer Jokela is acting like a Juggalo sporadic,disorganized, individualistic and an asshole you fucking clown!
With "progs" like these, who needs conservatives?
I'm new to reading the Stranger, but this Goldy already strikes me as an angry man with a chip on his shoulder toward authority.

Goldy, we get it. In you're mind, you're a rebel fighting the good fight. In reality, you're just as slanted and myopic as a Fox News contributor.

So that you don't give the rest of us more reasoned, analytical liberals a bad name, would you mind toning down the anger a little? I mean holy sh*t.

Captain Wigged Out!

How the heck are ya, old buddy? Hope the wife and kiddies are doing well. Job going good for you pal? Get the gutters cleaned out for the winter?

Well good to talk to you. Take care now.


Please do. OPA needs more stories of good cops doing their jobs. The SPD was a model of restraint and courtesy in the face of a mob, and should be recognized for it.


I have no need to wish violence on someone so earnestly seeking that it be directed to him.

If ever I recieve an intellectual ass kicking here, I'll get back to you on whether it stings or not.

The cops are not your friend:…
@60 So when are you coming to Slog Happy? I'm sure everybody here wants to meet the wife and kids.
Whats with the camo? Seattle Police don't have camo uniforms...
Seattleblues makes me miss Loveschild. *yawn*