Let's do this to Rob:
lol what a bunch of crybabies

and no, I'm not talking about McKenna
I notice from your linked form that Goldy's PAC uses Well Frago, a "big bank", rather than a local bank or a credit union.
yes because HCR/Obamacare polls so well here…
Well, you have only one thing left to do. Cry about it at minimum four times per afternoon in the style of Dori Monson v. Governor.

Heck, ALL press is banned from Wednesday's Jay Inslee fundraiser with Al Gore.
But how will we know if McKenna is pro-pancake?
this state is destined for a teabagging. it doesn't matter whether mckenna wins or not. it will happen at some point. the democrats in this state have completely abandoned their constituency (& really anything even resembling you know... principles or even values). eventually, they will lose this state. and when they do, someone like rob mckenna is gonna be there ready to teabag the fuck out of us.
Well politically you attack the guy twice daily since he decided to run for gov, Goldy will sink further by insulting him personally, is it any wonder that they would ban anyone from The Stranger? Seriously, I would have fired the campaign manager the next morning if you showed up.
@10: " is it any wonder that they would ban anyone from The Stranger"

Yes, it is. No matter what you think of The Stranger, the candidate is theoretically supposed to be more mature than any alt-weeklies.
when the alt weeklies have millionaires backing them and a direct line to TPTB they are not really alt weeklies
Why yes, #10, someone who thinks he is ready to be the governor of Washington should grow a set. But he can't and won't. His message is so fucked up that it can't stand critical review. He's certainly not going to get critical review from his boyfriends at the Seattle Times.
Too true, @13. The "journalists" at the Seattle Times are too busy kissing his ass and having difficulty seeing through their brown-tinted lenses.
I am voting for Inslee but I would not be surprised if the 27 year hold by the Dem's comes to and end. In some ways McKenna is not a typical Republican, like education, and that is going to give him the image of being more moderate and that combined with the fact that he is a good speaker might bode well for him. Should be an interesting year.
@ 3, I can't speak about what's available today, but in the 90s, not many smaller banks, let alone credit unions, liked dealing with special accounts. They preferred you took that business to ones accustomed to dealing with those kinds of arrangements.

At the very least, Wells Fargo would probably have people and a bank system that knows how to set that up, which government entities they would need to notify, etc. You don't just go to any old place to bank your PAC donations.

The 90s, of course, were a long time ago now, so the rules might be different. But I don't necessarily see anything hypocritical or nefarious about Goldy's PAC having their account at WF.
Fuck you, SLOG.

Play the game and do serious journalism the right way or continue to be the Pacific Northwest's Onion + extra dildoes when it comes to serious local politics.

Next stop, Publicola.
@11 So how long have you read the Stranger? They have no business being at a campaign kick-off breakfast and they know it.
Maybe you should have named your committee the DUH-PAC (Dump Uriah Heep).
Can't wait to vote for McKenna. It's going to be fun watching him destroy the competition.

I've never heard of The Stranger doing anything out of line at a political event, aside from trying to get in when they aren't invited sometimes. And trying to sneak into a political event isn't out of line for journalists, so I guess I can honestly say the only reason McKenna is keeping The Stranger out is spite.

And of course, the GOP is the party of spite, so I guess that's reasonable.
Lets talk about how one can be a journalist and the head of a PAC and not violate the journalism code of ethics.
@21 So you are new to the Stranger, welcome.
"We noticed that he would be likely to give a more truthful account of what's going on here, and we can't have that."
I was on the Stranger's side of this issue up to the point that Goldy started an anti-McKenna PAC (and don't play your bullshit cutesy word games with the name, Dom).

The PAC changes the equation totally and eliminates whatever credibility Goldy had.
Maybe you will be taken seriously if you insult McKenna some more, or write the words "fuck" and "shit" a lot more.
@23- I've been a fan for almost a decade, and I've never heard of them disrupting an event in any way, shape, or form. The SECB gets banned from events simply for what they've written in the past. Which means they're doing something correctly. We shouldn't trust journalists who are beloved by the politicians.
@25- It means we know what Goldy's opinion is, and I see no reason why that would make him a less trustworthy source.
@12: "when the alt weeklies have millionaires backing them and a direct line to TPTB they are not really alt weeklies"

Most of the alt-weeklies with any sort of distribution have millionaires backing them these days. "A direct line to TPTB"? Really? You give them far more credit than you think.

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