Peaslee Pulls Ahead of Incumbent Maier in School Board Race


If Ms Peaslee's lead holds - and there are reasons to believe that it will - there will be a new majority on the School Board. A new majority that will actually do the Board's job instead of the old majority that refused to do the Board's work.

We may actually have a School Board that will oversee the management of the District, enforce the policies, and represent the community. That would be a truly WONDERFUL thing.

Mr. Maier refused to do his job as a school board director. It would be fitting for him to be removed from office.

Oh, and the Seattle Times described him as winning "handily". HA HA! The Seattle Times has been wrong about Seattle Public Schools on every single question for about ten years now. They were wrong to support the incumbents in this election.

Now, SECB, you really are to blame for Harium Martin-Morris' continued occupation of his seat on the Board.
CM is correct on HMM Occupy School Board result.
Sharon is going to be a fantastic force on the school board. Having been out on the campaign trail with her for the last 6 months, I can attest personally that she is an extremely bright, creative and articulate woman. What an asset!
The Beginning Of The Great Gates Rollback?

Remember when right wing radio trashed Hillary Clinton when she started her health care tour in '93 in Seattle -

Maybe we're gonna be the start of the rollback of the Gates Kopp Kipp Walton Broad Rhee bandits?

(pst - Arne Duncan - join the OTHER party, is where you belong. )
What? The Seattle Times is WRONG about something? Can they be as adult as The Stranger and admit they were wrong? I'm guessing not. They'll blame somebody - teachers union, Slog, uninformed voters - and then go about their merry way, being more critical about the SB and SPS now that two of their little rich-boy establishment candidates are gone.

I REALLY miss the PI. Even the Salt Lake Tribune shows more sense and objectivity than the Blethen Times.
The Stranger can put a gun to its own head for endorsing Martin-Morris whom it realized THE DAY BEFORE THE ELECTION is "a frothing idiot." Those 10 points cost Michelle Buetow either the election or a very narrow loss.

The Stranger rightly endorsed Kate Martin. She looks to lose by less than 5 percent.

Both need to run again in four years, or put their names in sooner if someone can figure out a reason to recall the incumbents. There's likely fodder somewhere right now.

As pathetic as The Stranger was on the Martin-Morris miscall, it still came out ahead of the steaming pile of smelly poo that counts as editorial from the Times.

The Seattle Times is WRONG about something?
It appears that those voters that voted later took more time to examine the evidence. Early voters may have used the Seattle Times as a guide to voting. ....

Hopefully Peaslee's 91 vote margin gets bigger.
Of all the incumbents, Maier was the one most deserving of defeat. He had a damning report on the Silas Potter scandal and did nothing with it.

Asleep at the switch is the kindest thing that can be said of him.
@10: I wish more of the 46th District constituents could see that Maier deserved ousting at least as much as Sundquist. They must be retirees or ignorant--either they've forgotten what it's like to have children in public schools or they figure because they live in the north part of Seattle no crappy school board director could ever blight them. I believe it took the closing and eventual overcrowding of West Seattle schools to deep-six Sundquist. If new schools hadn't reopened in District 1, the families' pain would have been represented better at the polls.
Sharon leads Peter by 91 votes now .... but Peter only won in the first two days of ballot counting. He has been losing each day's counts by progressively greater amounts. Peter lost Tuesday's drop by an 11.7% spread.

It appears that there are about 10,000 more votes (no counting write-ins) to count which will bring the total to around 145,000.

If Sharon takes 54% of the remainder and Peter 46%, she will increase her lead by 800 votes and a lead of 891 will not merit a recount.

725 or less an an automatic machine recount is required.

150 or less an a manual recount is required.
Goldy has it correct ...... Peaslee wins.
Just a note - a lot of votes haven't been counted.

Until last night the KC Elections database showed they hadn't even received my ballot - mailed at University Street Station on election day before 3 pm.

Last night they finally showed it as received.

But still not verified or counted.

Lots of votes out there.
Margin is now 742 votes.