Newt Gingrich Is Freddie Mac's Welfare Baby


Each challenger to Romney seems to face-plant as soon as they seem primed to make a run against him. Its kind of sad really.
and romney strapped his dog in a crate to the top of his car on a highway trip. i haven't forgotten, & i doubt the DNC has either.
And neither Newt or Freddie Mac will say what the money was for. Hmm. "Strategic advice" in this case meaning "illegal assistance with federal legislation".
Given the choice, pigs will avoid their own feces.

It's hilarious to hear Newt recommending a criminal investigation of Barnie Frank for laws that were made when the GOP was in charge and actions of an corporation Newt was consulting for. Shame isn't an emotion he experiences, I guess.
It's almost like a conspiracy, eh?