Council Bans Plastic Shopping Bags


Good, make it stick.
Anyone know when it's supposed to go into effect?
so, why does a fee have to be implemented - shouldn't it have been up to the grocers to implement a fee or not?
Thank god, we can finally get decent veggie-based compostable "plastic" bags like the First World has (most of the EU, Australia, New Zealand, BRIC)
@3 this is America. Money is the signal for behavioral change.
@2 The radio just said July.
@4: i already use those in my compost bin but i would love to have them in garbage can-size.
Exactly, @7.

Right now, I reuse the plastic bags for my trash bags, but it would be cool if I could use them for the much larger Compost/Food waste that goes in the Lawn/Yard giant can instead, since they would compost.

Oil-based bags are so 20th Century ...
Where did that 13% recycled figure come from? Seems really odd considering a much, much higher percentage of the rest of the city's garbage is recycled.
This goes into effect in July assuming that the plastic bag companies don't buy another 20k signatures and put it on the ballot. If that does happen, however, the American Grocers council may be willing to step in to support the ban as they had quite a bit of influence on how the law was worded, and they support it as a cost-cutting measure.
Why add a fee for paper bags, too? I was under the impression they were relatively fine, environmentally.
Yay!!!!!!! Good on Mike O'Brien and the rest of the Council!