Dave Reichert, Tax Hypocrite


Well, it'd probably take more than two brain cells to figure that out, so I guess it's not fair to hold Reichert responsible for understanding his hypocrisy.
is voting no on extending a temporary tax cut = voting to raise taxes? it is not. the less congress does, the more balanced the budget gets. http://www.slate.com/articles/business/m…
A republican is a hypocrite! What a scoop!
@2, it is a tax hike according to Republican logic when they discuss any repeal of tax cuts on their favorite demographic. If they want to use these terms to mean these things, then it is fair to apply their them in this case.
I like how Goldy is for freedom of choice when it comes to womens rights. But not when it comes to plastic bags, deep bore tunnels, computers, health insurance.

Really Goldy is a hypocrisy-o-matic machine that vomits a whiskey breakfast and passes it off as journalism.
Too bad they weren't the super wealthy or they would have been viciously protected from paying their fair share by Republicans. But it's just the middle class so they don't give a fuck.
@6, I think they're going to start giving a fuck when their opponents start hammering them on this issue, and their mostly middle-class constituency starts reading them the riot act. This could tip the House to the Dems. Even the Senate Republicans are mad at their lower-house brothers-in-crime.
If 2-6 percent approval rate is not the riot act, what is?
@2 the tax cuts implemented in 2001 by President Bush were set to expire in 2011. Republicans were only too happy to accuse Democrats of wanting to raise taxes if they wouldn't vote for an extension to those particular tax cuts.
i recognize that the GOP/Fox/WSJ/Heritage Foundation nexus calls it a tax increase, i just won't buy that frame.