No Democratic Challengers to Rep. Adam Smith in Seattle's New "Majority-Minority" 9th CD


The Republicans are the happiest about the new 9th District. Took an already safe Democratic seat and made it safer, in exchange for solidifying Republicans in two borderline districts (3rd and 8th). Terrible trade-off for Democrats.

And furthermore, I'm not convinced this is any better for the minority groups who argued for this district. They get a bit more attention from Adam Smith or his (still probably white) successor in exchange for more power for the minority-haters in Congress.
Beige is a colour.
"The issues that matter to people of color" are not terms in which one can describe the holding of someone to high standards.
Smith will continue to represent Boeing and the rest of the state's Democrats look to do the same. Smith is on par with Norm Dicks as far as being a pork laden war pig and it's disgusting that the Democrats won't challenge him in the primary.