Jay Inslee Is Coming Here in 20 Minutes


Ok-we know what he wants to do about taxes, but how is he going to do it?
Does Jay Inslee support providing King County Metro with the 1% MVET funding authority it was promised as part of the Deep Bore Tunnel deal?
#1: Why did Jay Inslee vote for an un-American bill like NDAA that allows for detention without trial of American citizens?

#2: Will Inslee stand up and oppose -- loudly -- SOPA? The bill is now opposed by a massive array of businesses and business associations. The only people that really support it trade groups like the RIAA and MPAA. Passing this bill will basically smother the Internet to death.

#3: What will Inslee do in his position and pulpit as Governor to get Eyman's 2/3 'rule' challenged in State Court on it's constitutionality?
A smart question? How about state tax reform? For example, would he be in favor of some scheme to replace the B&O tax in favor of an income tax, ala Ron Sims in his bid for governor a few years back?
Will you be out in front on issues, even if they are currently unpopular, and try and sway voters to your side? Say for example on an income tax or other forms of new revenue? Instead of waiting, like Gregoire on gay marriage, until either the public agrees or you are in the last year of your last term.
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#4: What about passing taxing authority for municipalities down to towns and cities entirely? If a town's people want to pay more taxes for more services, why not? Why should they in any legal capacity need the state's approval? For example, if Bellevue citizens want to tax themselves an extra 2% on their property taxes for some Big Shiny Thing, why should they ever need state approval or bonding approval or whatever? If Seattle voters were in favor of spending an extra $x million on a dedicated bus line supplement of our own, but we're at some state-designated maximum number -- why? Why not let towns do this their way? That way if some backward little town in the middle of nowhere with no kids wants to spend far less on services they can, but a town that wants luxurious schools can spend more.

Disregard if I'm not exactly 100% on the legalities here.
#5: what are you able and willing to do within the bounds of your power as governor to muzzle and curb the office of the A.G. to stop them going against the ongoing healthcare reform? Will you be willing to go so far as to try to use available -- if any -- legal recourse to stop them?
#6 (last one, I swear): Mariners, Seahawks, or Sounders?
Maybe not a question for him; maybe it's just my own ignorance: what would it take to get universal health care in washington state? Can we open up Apple Health (or similar) to all residents?
WEED! What does he think of weed? Has he inhaled?
Ask him to solve the equation 2+2=x for x. His opponent can't.
Does he favor education reform that benefits students, including changing tenure rules, allowing merit pay and transparent teacher evaluation?
Is there any difference between Inslee's position and Gregoire's on freeway spending, i.e. massive unfunded projects on 520, Columbia River Crossing, SR-99, etc.?

For that matter, is there any difference between Inslee's position and Gregoire's on anything at all?
His detailing what his plank is, beyond "I won't be Rob McKenna" would be nice for starters.
Hey 3 did you not see Obama's signing statement it won't apply to American citizens, not that I expect you to buy that the left has always been cynical and bitter. And Dom while McKenna is a conservative republican he is not a tea partier.
How exactly will he be different from the current governer, specially in budget matters.
Does he support an income tax?
If you were elected Governor, what would happen to the higher education system in Washington State? Would you support the current trend of public disinvestment, or would you push to reinvest public funds into the higher education system?
I would like to Second #3's questions 1 and 2.

Additionally what form of Revenue does he believe is most appropriate for Wa state to put in place to achieve a balanced budget with out sacrificing the education and healthcare sectors.

I would like to hear his views on an income tax but I don't think we will hear anything about that until post election.
McKenna is the first person who, as a member of the Sound Transit Board, actually voted against building light rail, to run for Governor. Will Inslee make transportation an issue in the campaign, or stated another way, will he SHOVE McKENNA'S VOTE AGAINST LIGHT RAIL DOWN HIS THROAT?
I hope you asked him what it is like to be one hundred times handsomer than an ordinary man, and one million times better looking than his opponent.
@8 - You know the only answer is SONICS!