Jay Inslee Will Be Bold, He Promises!


How about just an income tax on everyone, and do away with the regressive sales tax? Would that be OK?

Thanks for the income tax question though!
Did he actually answer any questions or just do that funny dance politicians do? Primarily about funding the state? Thats a big GD question? If his theme is jobs what does he plan on doing about it? Nice theme but where is a hint of policy maybe?
I'm sure our next Governor McKenna will be much more specific AND truthful in his proposals for tax reform, balancing the state budget, and marijuana decriminalization.
I like Jay a lot, and this kind of thing doesn't matter a bit. He is the only sane candidate. If you fear and despise McKenna, do all you can to support Jay. Period. Pecking at him helps nobody.
ah yes, leading dems have learned for years that the way to organize and mobilize opinions and voters and support is to keep your tax plans secret, and vague!

the stupid gop on the tohe rhand is out there with the same message every day for fifty years -- smaller gummint lower taxes, leads to freedom, etc.

In response the Democratic plan is this: "we will do something. Later. I will tell you later."

this works so well it must be why the white working class in this nation is so overwhelmingly Democratic! and this is why eyman loses all those initiatives!
Don't worry, Gus, Inslee is in no danger of being called to account by The Stranger the way a Republican would. When McKenna talks about funding education while being vague about where the money comes from, he gets slammed in multiple posts by Goldy. When Romney promises students jobs after college, Paul's headline contains the word "pandering". Equivalent foibles from Democrats elicit only knowing rhetorical winks.

I love how Inslee wants to tax only "Wall Street" banks. Wouldn't want to alienate those poor, deserving local bankers.
Douche. McKenna it is.
When was the last time Eyeman won't an initiative?
Oops, that should be "won an initiative?"

And Inslee's easy on the eyes. He'll get my vote for that alone. Why are conservative men *never* attractive? They all look like they just soiled themselves.
I'm pretty sure McKenna is going to win. Especially after reading that.
You know, I had hoped for some evidence of spine. But that also comes with specifics. The state budget as it currently stands is a real issue with over 50% cuts to higher ed, school districts talking about shorter weeks and school years. There is no sign any of this money will ever re-appear. No one who is a public employee will see any raises for years but will see more cut backs.

WHAT THE FUCK is he waiting for?
Great, another spineless democrat.

campaigning is about being all things to all people, not just us radicals in the shadow of the space needle. he needs the votes of the idiots who almost put rossi in office. twice.

he can't be pinned down on specifics 10 months before the vote. it would be stupid.

shit works this way for a reason. grow up.
The Democratic Party and Democratic candidates cannot even begin to address the people's needs and aspirations. Why is largely irrelevant at this point in history. You could write a book about it, of course, and it's important to understand history, but the question for 2012 is the best way to grab this corrupt system by the balls and make it howl.

If people wish to participate in the election charade to make themselves feel better about "participating," as if Jay Inslee or Brian Baird or Chris Gregoire or Frank Chopp actually ever gave a flying fuck about them, that's their right. Meanwhile, the austerity war on the middle class and poor continues apace. Not one of these motherfuckers has drawn a line in the sand to protect education, so fuck them.

Catalina, Eyman won 1053. Remember? The initiative that is killing all the programs because we can't fund them anymore? That one initiative has hogtied Washington state government. That's enough an accomplishment that he will be remembered forever.

I don't care if Inslee's the only sane candidate. Sanity never won an election, nor did silence.
14 dear, you're right. Everything is hopeless, and you are the only one who cares. The one true option is to stick your head in the oven.

You go first....
When is the Stranger going to go over Inslee's voting record in congress? You do realize that is the best indication of what kind of governor he'd be.
Nice job writing the headline for some future Republican headline.

"Inslee is extremely vague" - The Stranger 01/04/2012
At least Inslee's got a voting record. McKenna is trying to be the stealth candidate, not taking a stand on much of anything. If the voters fall for his BS, he'll be trying to pull the best Scott Walker imitation he can once in office.
And Catalina's right - looking at McKenna brings up thoughts of Gollum. Inslee's mug is much more preferable.
Inslee and Constantine will sink from Charging Station-gate.
Using Mayor Mike McGinn's catchphrases isnt exactly a good idea when your running for Gov.
Ok, dear leader, I'll bite: what exactly is is "Charging station gate"?