Vested Interest


There are better ways to get Santorum all over your chest.
You should send him the full $2,500, Dan. Maybe he'll autograph it for you.
Sweater vests are totally gay.
It only comes in grey. Is there a reason they don't come in brown?
Get someone to embroider your own with a "Spreading Santorum" or "Google Santorum" spoof logo. (Sell them, and give the money to a gay charity.)
just wait a couple of months, then during one of your trips to the south you can pick one up @ goodwill.
It'll take 4-6 weeks for delivery. By then he'll be out of the race.
@5's got the right idea.
And all these years Jimmy Carter could have been flogging cardigans as a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser. Lost opportunity.
sweater vests are an abomination. a crime against humanity.
You can usually get those things on clearance about a week after winter starts! They go great with pleated khakis and penny loafers!

As Maxwell Smart might say:

If only -- all men -- would wear the sweater would be a far, far better world.

Savage and Santorum.

Gay and straight.

Urbist and farmer.

Let us take off the sleeves that prevent us from uniting as BROTHERS!
Value Village.
Don't use your own credit card.
I'm tempted to encourage you to do so, on the grounds that more campaign funds for Santorum means he is more able to present his repugnant ideas to the nation and be exposed for what he is, and more able to attack Romney. But there are better ways to use the same money toexpose bigotry and to attack Romney, and there are better ways to get yourself a sweater vest - ways that don't require you to "wait 4-6 weeks for delivery". Patronize a local business, for example.
Donate, get the vest, publicize your donation, and I bet the campaign will return your donation, and forget to ask you for the vest.
"Savage and Santorum.

Gay and straight."

I wouldn't be so sure about the latter.
My husband wears vests. I think he looks lovely when he wears them. Can I send you one of his?
maybe it has little brown smudges on the back?
That would make you look gay.
I love sweater vests. I have several. The Fair Isle is the best, though.
Only if you get the matching pipe and slippers. It would be a fine look for you, Dan.
Those vests have a weight requirement and Dan would have to gain 100 pounds in order to qualify to wear one.
The candidates have resorted to product placement?! Well I guess it's better than corporate campaign donations.
Hahaha. I think you should get one, and start wearing it on all your TV appearances. Wear it over your normal raggedy tee-shirt. Those of us in the know will get the joke.
If wonder if Kathleen Parker got hers for free or if she had to donate too.
Dan could wear it over his brown "Google Santorum" T-shirt. That would be perfect.
I second @17. By making your donation public, it would further aggravate Santorum's name recognition problem, and cost him votes.
@17, 26, 29: Yes.

Do it, Dan! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!

But use your credit card, not your debit card. Much easier to charge back unauthorized charges that Santorum might be tempted to let happen, and he won't be able to drain your checking account. Ooh! But if your card number were "accidentally" exposed, you could sue him, and Visa/MC would be come after him for it too! Big media exposure for you both that way!
OMG, it took me like 10 minutes to figure out that that page wasn't an Onion spoof or something. Please, yes, conservative men, get yourselves your own sweater vests so that I will know not to make eye contact with you in bars.
Oh my God, Dan, I'm with everybody here. Seriously? PLEASE DO IT??? You KNOW the Sanctimorum's not going to win, so who cares that you donated? Meanwhile you get this most awesome vest that you can wear all the fucking time - parties, the beach, tv appearances, book signings. You can have fans take photos with you wearing it - and for each person posting that photo next to a breathless explanash of how they finally met Dan Savage, they will of course note the sweater vest along with a link to an explanation of the Santorum definition, b/c there are at least a few people out there who likely don't know the story. It's just more awareness spreading to people who don't know about spreadingsantorum!
I like sweater vests and own a few. I'd noticed recently that he seemed to be wearing them all the goddamn time and it's been pissing me off, as I don't know how great the risk is that someone might think I was inspired to it by the frothy mix.

On the other hand, I'm a long-haired guy and very obviously liberal to everyone who knows me so I suppose there's not too much of a problem.
maybe if it came in brown...
Is anyone else curious about the constant Santorum adds above and on the right of the Slog? I know there's little or no control they have over the ads, but maybe instead of $100, Dan could offer free advertising on the Slog.

It'll be worth as much as a sweater vest that used to encase over 150 pounds of pure santorum.
I love sweater vests and bow ties. Why do conservatives trash the fashion I love? Oh, and I LOVE lettermen jackets too!!
I would suggest producing your own Spreading Santorum sweater vests, complete with santorum stains.
Season 2 of The Wire, the stevedores stole the police van of the Polish Lieutenant, what's his name. Took pictures of it in ports all over the country and mailed them back to him. I suggest the vest receive a similar treatment, except that maybe it should visit gay bars, kinky dungeons, leather parades, lactation sit-ins, church altars, etc.. Take it on your travels and get folks to pose with no shirts on underneath...Sweater vest tumblr, voila.
#1 was by far the best
Good lord! You can get one of those anywhere. The men's warehouse is trying to unload them $13.99!…
These will only take off if Rick puts his name on them so we can do our home modifications (or if Dan or someone else does a frothy version) - just a plain ol' sweater vest is nothing (and standard fare in my closet to wear under suit jackets on a chilly day.)

I would totally buy a "Dan version."
It does not look like it is embroidered, so you can just buy any old sweater vest down at the local big box store (to stay in the Republican narrative).

Now, if it had a big Santorum for President embroidered on it, that would be a different story.
It's funny to me how pleased Santorum is with the sweater vest thing. He seems to almost think it's the reason he's getting some traction now. And yet the only one I've heard talk about it in any kind of light at all, really, was Santorum himself.
38's got the right idea, a la the garden gnome prank. How many bars called The Eagle can that sweater get photographed in?
Do they come in dog sizes?
Ha! I just realized that a great use of the web page would be a whole series of posts of men wearing nothing BUT the Santorum sweater vest!
Well, something's got to replace the ugly Christmas sweater party. Why not a Santorum-vest bar crawl?
There are just so many possibilities. Halloween costume? PJ's Dust rag? Wax your car? Clean your toilet? Barf rag? Jockstrap? Doggie blanket?
I just heard that he buys them at Joseph A. Bank. So... eliminate the middle man and get your own. (although I'm sure you have a penchant for middle men).
Dan, what size sweater vest do you wear?

I will get it for you if you swear to wear it on your next trip to The Colbert Report.
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