Nancy Pearl Launching Publishing Line with


Indeed, I'm disappointed that Nancy Pearl, who is such a champion of underrepresented books/authors, is not also choosing to be a pro-active champion of independent bookstores in the face of everpresent commercial threats from behemoth Amazon. I think it's a great idea to revive out-of-print faves, but wouldn't it be possible to try such a venture with an indie publisher?
A new edition of the Librarian Action Figure is going to have a little Kindle Fire that she can use to scan the prices of things at brick and mortar stores.
Bookstores refuse to buy books published by Amazon. Is it bringing a book back in print if the only place you can buy it is Amazon?
Nancy Pearl used independent bookstores from the beginning of her time in Seattle. I remember her waddling into the store where I worked, eyes bulging with eager curiosity, taking hours of Roy Overstreet's time as she immersed herself in the knowledge that is contained in a good bookstore. And independent bookstores supported her rather derivative (staff recs anyone?) helpful hints for readers with which she filled several volumes published by a small local press. I suppose that in joining forces with Amazon, she's found her own level at last--unfortunate but not surprising. I hope she enjoys purchasing prime display space at B&Ns across the country--
Independent bookstores refuse to buy books published by Amazon. Is it bringing a book back in print if the only place you can buy it is Amazon?
While it's obvious that Amazon isn't an "indie bookseller", is it really fair to consider them a major publisher?
Note: Nancy Pearl will be at UW Bookstore Friday evening (to interview or have a conversation with Jo Walton). So if you need to ask her a question in person, there's your chance.
I'm conflicted on the Amazon element of this. But I do like this part: "Nancy Pearl has committed to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of books in the Book Lust Rediscoveries to the Nancy Pearl Endowment for Public Librarianship at the University of Washington’s Information School."
@ 4 - "waddling"?
Well, the main point we should all pay attention to is that Indie bookstore CAN'T sell these books, or any Amazon books-- not because we're being vindictive, but because Amazon undercuts us on their own website.
They will offer these books at standard publishing discounts (say, 44% retailer discount) and then sell the book on their site at that discount (or close to it), while the retailer has to sell it at list price to reap any sort of profit. Look up any AmazonCrossing title and see it's discounted price... What's the point of a bookstore carrying a title if there's steep discounting? It's to be Amazon's showroom. Before it's always been ambigious, but now it would be overt.

It's a rigged game and nobody's paying attention to this aspect at all.
This is the American Dream, equivalent to selling the Stranger to Murdoch.
I am shocked and dismayed that Paul wrote a story that includes the word "" with absolutely zero demonization, vitriol, or moral indignation. Sure, there's the always-popular "some say" attribution of dislike, but even that's weak tea.

Paul, are you feeling OK? Did you accidentally cut the "of course, copies will be printed on the flesh of aborted gay babies harvested by Amazon & Santorum's secret project to sterilize non-Christians" sentence? Where is the anger and outrage?
@12 - FTW!
tl;dr version of @4: I write real hard to call her fat and ugly.
Note that she's also saying goodbye to awesome local indie Sasquatch Books, who published her original "Book Lust" books. Sad.