I Don't Know What Quentin Tarantino Is Smoking...


I liked Green Hornet and Green Lantern toon Just because they weren't good movies doesn't mean they weren't the mindless entertainment I was looking for.
Sure, but QT vs. PC? Who are you going to listen to?
Girl With a Dragon Tattoo was the worst movie of the year. However I have not seen Sucker Punch, so I will move it up in my queue to make a proper assessment.
Drive is an overrated piece of garbage. Doesn't belong on any Best-Of lists.
I liked all the movies on his list and hated all the ones on his worst list. I do wish I hadn't seen his other lists, though I'm sure he's just trying to be unpredictable.
Midnight in Paris had such a beautiful opening bit, but I couldn't stay to the end - too much of a muchness.
Tarantino can make some bizarre choices, but them follow them up with really compelling arguments. That's part of whats fun about him. The only film I have a problem with there though is Red State. Total piece of shit. NOT scary, NOT well written. It really came off as like a crappy student film.
It's a surprise that QT put out a subversive list? This is the dude who named Speed one of the top 20 films of the last 17 years. I actually agree with him about Midnight in Paris. I don't know if it was technically "the best" film of the year, but it was my personal favourite. Then again, I didn't think The Descendants was anything that special. It was fine, but I wasn't blown away by it.
Sad to hear that he hated Meek’s Cutoff.
I love his Nice Try awards.

And, of course QT would hate Drive. Drive is a Euro-art-trash version of all the movies he glorifies. He wanted it to be another pure grindhouse picture...as with every movie on his "Nice Try" list. Which is also why Red State is on there. Red State was trying (and kind of succeeded despite how much I hated it) to be a grindhouse horror. Purity.
Once Midnight in Paris spills its gimmick-wad (cute, it got me, too) the film is over. So cardboard & mailed-in. And Owen Wilson as a yearning intellectual? Oh, yeah.

Bring back Scarlett Johanssen, Woody.