Mathematical Proof That South Carolina Is Bizarro World


Consider: you live in a state that's "at war with the federal government". You get an out-sized chance to influence who might be the next president of the federal government. Are you going to make the least irresponsible choice, or are you going to pick the bombastic clown?

Apparently they didn't stop to think that a vote for Newt in the primaries is a vote for Obama in the general election.
Do we need more evidence that SC Republicans, along with their counterparts in the other 49 states are fucking nuts?
Actually, this makes me happy. I'll see Obama re-elected without actually having to worry or work. I'm just waiting for the the Newt explosion when the real press coverage starts, or when he gets eviscerated at a debate with Obama.

Obama is a really lucky guy. His first political race, there was no incumbent in a highly democratic race, and he walked. Later, running for US senate, he got the biggest creampuff opponent anyone could ask for -- an expat Alan Keyes. And running for President? An old has-been John McCain. The only tough race was against Hillary, for gosh sakes, and Hillary isn't the politician that Bill is. And his re-election is going to be against Newt? We're talking 48 states going dem, minimum.
That "true conservative" poll question makes me laugh. Everyone said W. was the Chosen One, the True Conservative America Had Been Waiting For, until nearly everything his administration touched turned to shit and his polling was in the single digits, I think. Then everyone conveniently forgot about how they'd acted like Bush was the Messiah. (Yes, yes, sounds like Obama, herp-a-derp.)
If only.

Newt is unelectable in the general.

So I can't believe the Republican Party will champion him, once they get out of the wackadoodle Southren states.
South Carolina proves that ultra-orthodox conservatives, like their ultra-purist progressive brethren, live by the maxim "The perfect is the enemy of the good".

It is something that the "Democrats = Republicans" crowd around here should keep in mind.
I don't think Gingrich will get the nomination, but this may be enough to keep him swinging at Romney for a few more months.

Unlike Obama, I don't think Romney will improve as a candidate from a knock-down drag-out fight to the convention,

The GOP is really doing themselves a disservice with all of these loyalist-packed debates. It's just reinforcing their bubble.

That is a great case for why right now is the perfect time to pull Obama to the left, even if you plan on voting for him again.

In an interview last night on Real Time, Bill Moyers suggested that OWS, and related movements are giving Obama the "people power" to take progressive actions like rejecting the current Keystone XL proposal. Moyers said, "That's one reason why Occupy Wall Street is so important right now -- to build the support for change."

The primaries so far show that Republican base is fragmented.

Now is the time for progressives to push for a strong alternative candidate:
@8 - "Nows the chance to ensure a republican victory! Real progressives want to watch it all burn!"
@3 To quote Goldfinger, "Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times is an enemy action."

I am not one of those who thinks Obama is playing an inscrutable long game where every apparent setback is really just his plan coming together.

But neither do I think he's just a lucky guy. At the very least, the man has impeccable timing.
I realize there's the South Carolina thing (the South Carolina winner has taken every Republican nomination since Ronald Reagan in 1980), but I find it difficult-to-impossible to believe that Gingrich is going to end up being the nominee.
@8 That comment is off-the-wall.

Progressives do not "want to watch it all burn." Progressivism is not synonymous with anarchism. Heck, I don't think most anarchists even want to "watch it all burn." I've never heard Noam Chomsky advocate "burning" anything.

And between #3's comments and my comments, we just went over how the GOP's chances in 2012 are feeble and dwindling.

So yah, your comment is nonsensical.

Right now we need to be the "people power" Moyers lauds, to mandate progressive reform.
Haha, I just directed a critical comment at myself! Yay!

Clearly, #12 is directed at #9.
@12: What you advocate is roughly equivalent to letting a fire burn because the water you have is from the tap and hasn't been distilled and deionized properly.
@14 Undistilled and ionzed water assassinates US citizens w/o charge or trial in direct violation of the Constitution, vl?
There was a (FTM transgendered) person in my SOSC class last year who had a bad case of "that kid". That is, everything we talked about in class, he tried to make an issue of gender identity and heteronormativism. You are being like that kid.
The water may have ions in it, and will result in limescale buildup if you use it for bathing or cooking for too long. But the immediate issue is putting out the fire.
Obama isn't perfect, and you can argue back and forth about the Constitutionality of assassinations and drone strikes. But he is working to fix the economy, which is something that none of the Republican candidates will do.
With no offense intended to straight women, gay men, or bisexuals, you can go eat a bag of dicks.