The Horrors of "Self-Deportation"


It's a fucking race war in Alabama.
I remember one time when this guy self-deported himself to Mexico.

He was Mitt's dad.

Yup, Mitt's an anchor baby.

By the way, how do they manage that "never die again" trick?
PS - the kooks that promote this don't just believe that Al Qaeda and illegal immigrants from Mexico are similar, or related in some way; they think they're the same thing. A standard talking point on the right now is that Mexico is full of jihadists swarming to cross our border. This is, of course, ludicrous. I saw one idiotic story about a guy who was seriously saying that drug cartel members wear tattoos of AK47s not because they're gun-happy dead-enders but because they're Hezbollah. Google "hezbollah in mexico" if you don't believe me. Romney, Santorum, and Rick Perry have all mentioned this Hezbollah garbage on the campaign trail.…
Ughh...I don't think I can do it.
When you choose to live outside the law you make your life difficult.

@2, great-grandfather, dipshit. Another half-remembered garbled "news" item from the Will in Seattle machine.
@5 - 9/11 style, perhaps. So that's one style down, infinite other styles to go.
@ 3, that's true. My Mexican-American best friend lived there in the early 90s and was once called "Iranian." Truly stupid, hateful people, some of them.
@5, do you think the "next 9/11" is going to be perpetrated by Mexicans?

Does the fact that only Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are likely to suffer from the racial-profiling laws in AZ and AL, even though most "illegal immigrants" are actually not Mexicans but people who have overstayed their visas, like the 9/11 hijackers, change your mind at all? Or do you think the inability of cracker yahoos in those states to tell the difference between different racial and ethnic groups will cover it, ensuring that all brown people will be harrassed equally? But what then about those white illegal immigrants, visa-overstayers from countries like Ireland, Poland, Russia and the UK? To say nothing of our homegrown killers, of course, whose papers are perfectly in order.

Does the fact that FOURTEEN of the 9/11 hijackers were NOT here illegally give you any pause?

There is no relationship at all between immigration and terrorism.
So, in order to vanquish the terrorists, we have to let them win by achieving their ultimate goal of turning us into a fear-driven country. Fantastic.
for those who say that fascism could never happen in this country, this is fascism, brought to you by the republican party. first they came for the muslims, then they came for the latinos.... it doesn't have to lead to extermination to be fascist.
@7 but we should trust the Net ...

You start your anchor baby memes, I'll keep using the ones my rels get in Nevada by email.
Even the police think its ridiculous. The one interviewed even pointed out that they have *actual crime* and harassing these people is wasting police time and resources...
This has nothing to do with illegal immigration and everything to do with racism, and the assumption that all Latinos are illegal immigrants and all illegal immigrants are Latino.
I'd be willing to bet that an illegal immigrant who is white, & english speaking, probably wouldn't be a victim of this.
@ 15 - "for various cultural and historical reasons citizens of Mexico are more likely to be involved in certain types of violent crime"

Such as?
If you're talking about drug crime, that has more to do with the economic factors - like the profitability of the drug trade (because of prohibition) and the limited employment opportunities within Mexico.
@15, indeed, a lot HAS changed since 2010. The current flow of Mexican nationals into the US may be negative right now. Also, Pew is probably drastically undercounting visa-overstayers, since a lot of people don't think they're really illegal immigrants, and it's kind of hard to tell whether they're just working under the table somewhere for a few months to support their backpacker habit or here to stay.

Mexican and other Hispanic immigrants in fact commit crimes at a much, much lower rate than their demographic cohorts in the ranks of citizens. That is a plain fact:…

Note that that is a CONSERVATIVE site saying so.

You can get all agitated if you want about drug cartels but this is the truth: many of the safest places in the US are along the border. The safest cities in the US are border towns. You should stop listening to Lou Dobbs and Jan Brewer gabbling about heads rolling in the desert and actually pay attention to the culture that is the only thing keeping America alive these days: our immigrant neighbors.

If you're looking for endangered animal smuggling, your best bet is to look East, not South, but you never hear these racist kooks talking about checking the papers of Asians. Only "Mexicans".