Komen: Has Pink Handguns, Inc., Reversed Course?


thank you for this.
This is bullshit....this org still needs to go down. We all now know their desires. I hope people don't give them a pass.
They lost all credibility already. I will never support them again. Any money I would have given them will now go straight to PP. I'm glad they caved, but they still have the same biggots at the top of the food chain, and I don't trust them anymore.
ah Danny doing what Liberals do best-

bitching about the charities they are not going to donate to

and bragging from the rooftops about the few donations they do make

Ostentatious Giving is a Secular Humanist Sacrament....


You know what to do.
Pink Handguns, Inc, is the name I will choose for my next punk rock band.

Not buying a single thing the SKG statement is selling. They have the right to do what they want with their money, as an organization, & I have the right to not fund them by adding to my collection of pink stuff.

An aside: But what do I know? I was told last night that my boobs are more important to me than a child's life & that I should stop smearing placenta on my face & drinking the dead babies found in Starbucks drinks. Yes, really.


Guys like Joe King make me a little nervous that I post under my real name. :/
I think it is important to emphasize that many red cents and red dollars go to Breast Cancer Research. Susan Komen Foundation shouldn’t get another penny until they change their leadership, focus more on grants than administrative costs, stop the quixotic lobbying against any publicly tinted healthcare reform, change their policy against funding stem cell research, and both Nancy Brinkman and Karen Handel resign from the foundation.

It should be a healthcare foundation, not quasi political foundation where policy is made at steakhouses and political fundraising cocktail parties.
It is bullshit, yes. Penn State has a criminal investigation,
Komen's $7.5 Million Grant to Penn State Appears to Violate New Policy Susan G. Komen for the Cure, which recently announced that it is ending grants to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screening because of a controversial investigation launched by an anti-abortion Republican congressman, currently funds cancer research at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center to the tune of $7.5 million. Like Planned Parenthood, Penn State is currently the subject of a federal government investigation, and like the Planned Parenthood grant, the Penn State grant appears to violate a new internal rule at Komen that bans grants to organizations that are under investigation by federal, state, or local governments. But so far, only the Planned Parenthood grants appear to have been cancelled.

but Bank of America didn't get one because some weaselly federal administration pressured New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman not to press charges on any major banks responsible for the housing bust. That doesn't mean Bank of America is guilt-free. The NY Attorney General has just announced lawsuits against BAC and other major banks.

I am looking online for news that SGKF has ended its partnerships and associations with Penn State and Bank of America.

In the meantime... I do hope Ms. Karen C. Handel is replaced as Vice President of public policy with someone who actually has some idea what would make the public respond positively to the Susan G Komen Foundation. If Ms. Handel didn't foresee this volume and scale of response she's not worthy of her position.
@6: Jesus, that is mind boggling.
Christ, do you know that guy?

FWIW, I checked out his wall and it seems he spent the entire day flaming "abortionists" on facebook (and losing friends in the process), so you're not the only one.
@9, @ 10: I know, *right*? No, I don't know Joe King. I've done some comic book work, & so my FB is as much for connecting w/ other comics pros & fans as anything else. I forget sometimes there's people like him out there. Had nightmares last night about a scary guy chasing me w/ jars full of placenta, who was trying to shoot me. I SO should have taken up a pen name.

Back to the issue at hand. It is scare tactics like that, that make people stop speaking up. I hope folks see through the PR BS that SKG is laying down, & that the donations to Planned Parenthood (& other organizations that provide care to women) continue to flow.

I kinda hate Starbucks but may have to go pick up my sweetie a Starbucks drink today, also.
One more reason to give elsewhere: according to the nonprofit's most recent 990, Nancy Brinker's compensation was $417,712 in 2010. Most of the top staff listed is well into the six figures.


@13. Wow! That's a lot of money for someone who is running a charity. Hearing this sort of thing tends to make me feel like a sucker and a chump.

Plus, IIRC from their 2010 Form 990, they spent something like $8 or $9 mm just on lobbying; they could have paid for a helluva lot of screenings with that, instead of what they probably spent it on - supporting conservative, anti-abortion GOP politicians.
His profile has "Christian Satire" listed. I have to think he's trolling.

I have to hope he's trolling.
@16, at a certain point, satire becomes the real thing.
@17: Damn you Poe's law!
"No one with any sense should give the rightwing douchehags at Pink Handguns, Inc., one red cent.


I'm actually grateful this whole thing happened, because it revealed Komen to be what it is: a right-wing glad-handing schmoozing organization that fronts as a charity. This week will be a watershed for them, and they brought it all on themselves.

LOVE IT when bigots are outed. LOVE. IT. (And yeah, it doesn't hurt one bit that the Democrats may get some momentum from this - w00t!)
Dan, you have a way with words. "Douchehags" is fantastic! It's a pity I'll never have the time, place, or cohones to use it.

P.S. I'm still trying to remember what I did with my pink rubber Komen bracelet. I want to chop it into little bits and mail it to those douchehags.
So, pink handguns Yes and cancer screenings at PP No? What were they hoping poor women would do, shoot each other's tumors off?
They jumped that big ol' pink shark pretty conclusively, didn't they?

I'm doubling up my PP donation -- which will be matched by Armstrong's, Bloomberg's and CREDO's matching donations -- totalling $500K I think. So if we get busy, PP could wind up with $1000K, here.
Ah, here are the numbers:
Armstrong: $100K
Bloomberg: $250K
Amy & Lee Fike's Foundation: $250K
CREDO: $200K

I'm not sure if ALL of that is matching donations, but at least $350K is, which means we can double that!

Source: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/02/03…
Agree with Dan. Completely.
What about the Mullahs at Komen not funding research with stem cells? Thats a change that no one is talking about. THey didn't reverse there! While women literally ahve no balls, Komen figuratively has no balls!