I'm Trying to Work Here, Part II


Don't worry guys, they're ok. They just moved closer.
The brother beating the drum is living proof that rhythm has nothing to do with genes.
That drummer has all the rhythm of spastic ferret in a bucket.
keep posting these and you'll find me learning how to play the trombone outside your windows in a few weeks

seriously how can you complain about this shit

i hear kirkland is nice and boring, why not relocate? oh yeah, cause the stranger isn't a bunch of suburban assholes -- or so i thought.
It's popular for suburbanites moving to the big city for the first time to say stuff like "it's a city, deal with it", as if cities are laboratories for entitled boobs to work out their attention-seeking personality quests in whatever way they see fit. In fact the exact opposite is true: cities are places where respecting your neighbors is MORE important, not less.

Public drumming outside of a specifically tourist area (i.e., Fisherman's Wharf, Pike Place Market) should be punishable by death. If the perpetrator is a white person with dreadlocks, death should be by cutting off the limbs an inch at a time.
@5 - lololol

It's not just suburbanites. It's also urbanites who like being everyone's worst neighbor and don't want to curb their behavior.

People like that, and the excuses they make for themselves, are why Americans don't want to live in the city.
They got a round tuit. Yuk yuk yuk.
Holy crap I can't believe you did it again. I am cancelling my subscription to the The Stranger newspaper magazine and you won't get another red cent from ME. Remove yourselves post-haste and see that your offices are relocated to the "burbs!"
How do you make these videos??? I want to do soooo many about various bosses!!!!!!
@9, upon closer inspection those "urbanites" will very often turn out to be former suburbanites trying to expatiate the sins of their upbringing by diving headfirst into street cred. I know I did. But damn, I never banged the buckets on the street corner.
Geez, just open the window and tell them to go the hell away, because you're trying to work. I'm sure it will work.
If you want to post videos, why not post some more of that delightful young man from Washington Bus?

Just wait until you start driving in and have to get monthly parking downtown:


When A. Birch Steen finds out what you kids have been up to with his recently misplaced prosthetic testicle, the look of disappointment on his face is going to break your heart.
@6: LOL

@14: I gotta say, I think Anthony has stumbled on a much better solution.
OMG! Did he died?!?
@12 It's an iPhone app. Action Movie FX. My son likes to set up his Hot Wheels and use the effects on the little scenes. Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDHX2Po_d…
i concur, catalina. that boy is HAWT. and anthony, how DID you do this?