Conservative Conference Welcomes White Supremacist Speaker


Maybe that's why Ron Paul is not speaking. The old racist guy role was already filled.
Those crazy ant-semetics!

I just Googled "VDare" and noticed under the hitlist

"'s Amazon connection has been restored! "

What's the connection?


Herman Cain is appearing at CPAC.

He was a candidate remember.

He almost won.

But he had too much sex.

People hate that.
"The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American Identity."

If you take "American Identity" to mean "Whites" then it just up and completely loses any meaningful pretense at being something other than racist nonsense. I guess Paul's right, they don't really want to make much of an effort anymore.
I'm really not at all sure how I'm going to resist throwing this straight in the face of anyone who ever mentions to me that they do or might vote Republican.
Republicans never hid their racism or their courting the racist vote. Disgusting. And they court anti-semites as well. They deny that.
@4- "He almost won."


Seriously, a brief lead way back when isn't "almost winning." He did have a brief lead, which is worth bringing up. There's a real serious split in the GOP.
Oh god. And cue the invasion of the Sailerbots in 3... 2... 1...

(Hi Steve! You're still just as cordially invited to go fuck yourself as always!)
I'm sure there will be many African-Americans in attendance at CPAC. Would be interesting to get their reaction to the VDARE speaker
Which speaker isn't a white supremacist?
That might be a shorter list to compile.

Here's what puzzles me about "White Supremacy".

There are, no doubt, a lot of brilliant white people in the world.

Perhaps thousands, or tens of thousands, or historically, hundreds of thousands.

Men and women who have done great things.

Ok, now when it came time for the White Supremacists to pick the guy...the one guy...who they thing represents the ultimate in perfection...who do you think they pick?

Albert Einstein? Nope.

Dag Hammarskjold? Surely, not.

Bill Gates? Mmm-mmm...nope.

No, Adolf Hitler right? Why him? I mean if you want to show off how smart your race is, why do you pick the biggest loser. I mean even if you like the guys politics, he definitely got his ass handed to him as a warrior in battled.

Please tell me why?
@13 Jew, foreign, nerd. When you define white very narrowly you get a shorter bench.
@11: "I'm sure there will be many African-Americans in attendance at CPAC"


"Would be interesting to get their reaction to the VDARE speaker"

The ones who show up? The quotes would be-

So what?
Liberals are the true racists because they encourage black people to be enslaved by entitlements and welfare!
Republicans ended slavery!

Max Ernst
Joe Montana

Why don't White Supremacists carry around posters of Joe Montana? Wouldn't that make their case much better?

@16 Catholic.
@6, @7: I don't think Repubicans hold the copyright on this crap: George Wallace, Robert Byrd.
@18 They just hold the copyright on inviting white supremacists to speak at major political conentions where candidates for the presidency will also be speaking. But I will concede your point, yes, there is such a thing as a racist Democrat, perhaps even some who are not dead.
Byrd and Wallace both held those views in the 50s and 60s before and during the time when the parties switched roles. It's telling that you have to go back 50 years to cite examples (I know Byrd died fairly recently but he eventually renounced racism).
@18: Are you seriously that bad at history that you don't know what a Dixiecrat is?
Michelle Malkin is Asian and she writes for VDare. So they obviously can't be racist...

Or they're racist and Michelle Malkin is their Uncle Wong......................................
No mention of him on the "confirmed speakers" page of CPAC 2012. Hopefully that means he won't be speaking. If he does, that should make for some entertaining political programming for the next few weeks/months/remainder of election season.
Admittedly I'm not a pollster, but it seems to me that the Republicans have been concentrating on the white vote for years. Sure, they trot out Michael Steele or Herman Cain or Clarence Thomas from time to time, but in 2008, did you ever look at the audience during the RNC? Did you notice how white it was?

All demographic models suggest that the percentage of whites in the population is getting lower, and that this will soon be a minority-majority nation. If the Republicans want to continue to court an ever-shrinking base, that's just fine with me.
@24 His name is on the 2012 agenda (right hand side of the page you linked to).
@26: Yep, so he is, thanks.
Michlle Malkin, who is suggesting a boycott of companies that have left ALEC, is incapable of telling the truth on most issues. She refuses to acknowledge that ALEC via Wal Mart's leadership on the ALEC board that drafted the model stand your ground language. And Wal-Mart is the leading seller of rifles and ammo. Wal Mart thinks that it can ham hand its will around the country. I am sure the Walton kids are all supporting Rove's pac and ALEC as well as the company itself. Mars candy just left ALEC, maybe Wal Mart will be standing alone with this corporate front. How can minority voters shop at a Wal Mart store with a straight face?