"I don't know if I want to be here [if gay marriage passes]," by Republican State Senator Jay Rodne of North Bend


Send him some empty boxes and packing tape.
If you want to contact Rep. Rodne via the link above you have to provide an address and a phone in his district. You could use this:
45 Front St S
Issaquah, WA 98027

Suicide is never the answer. People need to tell the representative that change is possible If he sincerely prays I am sure God will lift the bigotry from is soul. No one is born a bigot and there is hope for change.
@2 Do a lot of people live in the basement of the local newspaper?
Thou shalt lie.
How will same sex marriage sever the bond between a child and a biological parent?

As I see it, there are three ways that a child can come into a same sex marriage: adoption, step-parenthood and surrogacy. Every single one of these is sanctioned by law for opposite sex marriages. How are those any different for same sex marriages than opposite sex marriages?

Just one more question I wish I could get an answer to, along with "why is marijuana treated differently than alcohol and tobacco?"
"Happy to hear that you'll soon be leaving Washington State due to the existence of gay marriage. I suggest leaving the United States entirely and relocating to Saudi Arabia or Iran where religious "values" are more important than the human rights of their citizens!"
I can't watch this nozzle again. It was almost too much to restrain myself from throwing my laptop across the room yesterday while listening to him.

I will, however, go looking for Walsh's speech.
My email:

Dear Jay Rodne,

Yesterday, when you were voicing your opposition to marriage equality before the house vote, you said words to the effect of "If this bill passes, I don't even know if I want to stay in Washington."

May I suggest you move to Louisiana?

Our constitution states--twice--that marriage is defined as one man and one woman. All candidates for public office make a point of stating that they defend traditional marriage. And in other ways, Louisiana is Republican heaven: taxes are low, regulations (other than federal) are nearly non-existent, and there is strong opposition to Obamacare.

My state would welcome you warmly. And since I plan to move to a marriage equality state soon (perhaps Washington), you might even consider buying my house.

@8, I believe Rodne's theat was to leave not the state but "this body", the House. I suppose to run for something he thinks would better suit his righteous majesty. Maybe a state Senate seat, maybe dogcatcher.
Rodne not too long ago was featured on my own blog as "douchebag of the day" for making a crack about public transportation, saying:

"“It’s always good to see my friends in the Fifth District Democrats. Thanks for coming down. I’m really glad that you’re going to school, and someday, you’re going to get a job, and you’re going to want a vehicle to get you to that job on time.”

Upon hearing that statement, those of us in my area of the gallery perked up in anticipation.

While I don't agree with many of the policy positions of Rep. Rodne's seatmates - Rep. Glenn Anderson and Sen. Cheryl Pflug - I can appreciate that they not only support the issue of equality, but both were willing to give speeches on the floor expressing that support.

And with Rep. Anderson, along with Rep. Walsh (best. speech. ever.), he showed the courage to do the same in the middle of the snake pit that was the GOP caucus yesterday.

Rep. Rodne, however, along with Reps. Smith (who I hear will be running against Sen. Haugen - get your checkbooks out) and Rep. Shea, was a key player in the Useless Amendment Caucus, and made nothing but ridiculous arguments in opposition to equality.

I heard later that yesterday was House Republicans being on their best behavior. Comparing gay marriage to a bacon cheeseburger is apparently best behavior, and is an insult to the institution.
"If this body does not have trouble with having marriage now serve as the instrument of severing a child's relationship with one of it's biological parents..."

Apparently, one of the gifts you receive once you are gay married is a newly procured child dashed from a heter-married couple.

Also, I see this type of bullshit argument all the time now. Are conservatives opposed to adoption now? The litmus test for decency now seems based on having "biological" children.
re. "severing:" Does he mean that if a religious lunatic parent has a gay child, and that child gets to have a same-sex marriage, the legality of their marriage "forever severs" the parent's relationship? 'Cause the state is in charge of whether you get over it?

That's the best I can come up with.

What if the gay kids get divorced? Will that fix it?
I hate the smell of religious-fucktard-thinking in the morning.
"Apparently, one of the gifts you receive once you are gay married is a newly procured child dashed from a heter-married couple"

I'd heard that also. It's one of the many reasons Mr. Vel-DuRay and I won't be getting married. Children would only get in the way of our erotic lifestyle.
Maybe he was saying, that if marriage equality was passed,
then he would be forced to divorce his wife, and abandon his children so that he could gay marry his same sex lover?
If he has a wife a children that is.
Here's the address of Foothills Baptist Church. That seems good 'n' ironic.

10120 Issaquah Hobart Rd SE, Issaquah, WA 98027
Wow. For years I've wanted to marry my significant other. But now I'm not so sure. Last week I heard I was going to have to kill a straight person to get married. Now I understand I have to sever some kid. I had no idea marriage was such a violent institution.
Dude, the best thing to send him is a note saying what the speaker said at the end of the video. "Thank you Mr. Representative, your time has expired."
Told him to take his superstitions the fuck out of my government.
Wanna help get rid of him?

Jay Rodne's cell phone number: 425-890-3336
He just pissed on all adopted children.
I've already offered to help him pack up, and load the truck.

Still curious as to where he's moving, though.
Its about time someone stood up to those that are attacking religious freedom..... he has the courage we need to lead us! Congratulations to Representative Rodne for standing up for what is right!
@28: So you'll be going with him when he boot him to the curb, I take it.

Good riddance!
@28, How is this attacking religious freedom? Don't gays have a right to religious freedom too, which would include not being prevented from having civil rights that aren't even religious? Marriage, as regulated by the government, is not religious. If it were, it'd violate that fancy little Bill of Rights thing.
I, too, am curious about how allowing civil marriage between persons of the same sex is an attack on religious freedom. Some religious denomiations support marriage equality and were previously prevented from performing same sex marriages. If anything, *their* religious freedom was under assault. With the new laws, religions that disapprove of same-sex marriage are still free to disapprove of it, and will not be compelled to perform such ceremonies.

As for the alleged florists and bakers who will now be compelled to provide flowers and cake for same sex weddings, even though they object on religious grounds, I will point out that, as a public school teacher, I have to teach ALL students, even if I object to their lives or religious practices, and/or even if they object to mine. I have been doing it without trouble for the better part of 30 years. The florists and bakers can do the same.
@28 I'd also like to point out that your right to religious freedom ends at everyone else's right to not have to deal with your imaginary friends.
@28 My rabbi testified before the senate last week in favor of the bill, and noted that he and other clergy who perform same-sex weddings have *their* religious freedom attacked because the state does not recognize those unions.
And you're wrong, by the way, about it treading on your religious liberty. If a church or member of clergy doesn't want to perform a same-sex marriage, he or she is protected by this legislation from doing so.
You and your Catholic faith can eat me raw.
I just re-watched Rodne's speech. Representative Walsh is sitting in the camera view, so you can watch her reactions to what he is saying. It gave a new perspective to watching the speech if you can stomach it again.
pathetic mentality. preach to your church, dude, but keep YOUR religion out of MY government for i am ENTITLED to MY OWN religious beliefs.

since someone else beat me to sending him the empty boxes and packing tape, i'll pay for the postage as he LEAVES WASHINGTON.

oh, and number 10, thank GOD for "obamacare" - you are apparently one of the selfish one's who believe you have what you need and noone else matters.
oops...forgot nbr 28 - attacking religious freedom??? if you believe religious freedom is under attack, then you are on the wrong side of the argument.

see comment number 36 and think again.
Any child being raised by gay parents is always better off than any practical alternative they might have. If the child was placed by adoption, then they must be better off (by definition) otherwise the adoption agency wouldn't have placed them there. If the child was born via surrogacy, then they're better off than their alternative, which is never to have been "created" at all.