And here we all hoped it was over.
Crap! We have the technology to erase tattoos now, right? Right?
Well, the folks at RN74 have to be pretty happy about that. There will be more than one meeting / party planned there.
Someone needs to play around with this to come o up with a catchy phrase to play off the "Expo '74" Spokane World's Fair slogan. Something like "EXPO 74: Expose Referendum 74's lies and misinformation about the marriage equality law"
I bet someone just lost a lot of money in tshirts and yard signs.
@5: and defensively purchased domain names. :(
Um, don't they have to get the signatures first? Wouldn't a "Decline to Sign" campaign be more effective at this point?
It's one louder, isn't it?
Decline to Sign inevitably leads to another campaign: Explain Why You Told Everyone To Decline But Now You Want Them To Approve Just Trust Me Okay That's How The Law Works You Don't Decline This You Decline To Sign You Approve This Okay Just Vote Approve Trust Me Vote Approve

Stick with Approve Ref 74.
@9, exactly. And I'm just pissed that I'm forced to participate in the referendum system at all. Our initiative process is one of the main reasons the politics of this state (and most of the west) are phcked.
...and again I ask how it is possible to put a citizen's civil rights up for a popular vote. The Supreme Court needs to knock this one down now!

May I propose R-76: No heterosexual person shall be allowed to have sex on any weekend evening. See how far that one gets. Or how about no ethnic minority may go grocery shopping on Thursday.

C'mon, Legal Defense. Where are you when we need you?


Yeah, wouldn't want the voters making decisions...not like it's a democracy or anything.
@9 Is it really all that difficult?

Only bigots would vote no;
only assholes sign
@12: What's the point of having a legislature that you don't use?
@12 I'm busy being an expert in my chosen field, thanks. I'm not qualified to write or interpret the details of the law. That's why I hire representatives that I think are smart and ethical to take care of this stuff for me. The initiative process means I have less time to devote to splicing the DNA of squid and gorillas for use as workers in my deep sea banana-anemone plantations. God, I hate the referendum system.
@6: Domain names aren't that expensive. That's why I bought,, and just in case, As well as .com, .net, .info. Oh, and, because it is nice and short. I just wish the SOS had got the number right the first time so that I didn't spend the last day or so moving websites back and forth.

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