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Just got a FB post from Rob McKenna...he's promoting Freedom Sunday, a challenge to end human slavery.

Freedom Sunday is a worship platform that provides churches with what they need to become more aware and more active in opposing modern slavery.

Soft launched in February 2010, more than 1,000 churches in over 30 countries participated in the first global Freedom Sunday.

In 2011 this number grew to 2,500 in 45 countries. The goal for 2012 is 6,000 churches worldwide.
santorum is a man up with who's words i will not put. what a great dad he must be - imparting the "never apologize" lesson of christ to his children.
So it's cool to burn the King James bible with the garbage? Actually, I guess most religions prefer their texts be treated with a little dignity:…

I think Slog should have a Bible, Torah and Koran burning at our next Slog Happy!!

And let's televise it!!
@3, of course it is. Only dngbats kill people over shit like that. Are you a dingbat?
Admitting that something you did was a mistake is not the same as apologizing for something you did. wat?
Neo-cons like Santorum are warmongers. They want to keep the U.S. population in constant fear in order to gain more power for themselves and their friends. Bush II even said publicly that it would be easier if he were a dictator.

That's what conservatives ultimately dream of: An enormous, military-theocratic goverment where they rule with unlimited dictatorial power.
@1, I'm not a McKenna fan, but I applaud that effort. More awareness of this global crisis is needed immediately.
Another reason to get out of Afghanistan now. This isn't going to settle down.
@5 There are a lot of dingbats. Too many, actually.
@10 there are a font of dingbats.
Santorum wants to say, "Bring it on."
And a flamboyance of flamingos!
Would Santorum consider Brown as a running mate?
Senator Santorum says that the United States does not owe anyone an apology for burning the Korans because it was a mistake, as opposed to an intentional act.

The harm, apparently, is in the intent, not the action. This is an astonishingly self-absorbed and self-involved world view, but it is consistent with the Christian idea that the sin is in the intent - whether it was acted upon or not - and not in the act.

That standard of etiquette goes a long way to explaining the Republican support for tort reform that limits awards to people harmed by businesses or doctors. Since none of that harm was intentional, no apology - and certainly no cash settlement - is necessary.

If I step on your foot or bump into you on the street no apology is necessary because it wasn't intentional.

If a kid hits a baseball through a neighbor's window, no apology is necessary because it was an accident.

If I hit you with my car, no apology is necessary because it was an accident.

If my oil tanker runs aground and spills millions of gallons of oil on a pristine wilderness no apology is necessary because it wasn't intentional.

All of those people in jail for manslaughter should be released because they didn't do anything wrong; they didn't mean to kill anyone.

It's a very strange standard of etiquette.
there is a difference. In your examples there is quantifiable objective damage, not subjective spiritual or emotional offense.

Isn't it more ironic, then, that S feels no need to apologize?

A subject's skin color and/or sex have a huge impact on conservative's beliefs towards any particular event.

Simply put, black, hispanics, women, and any other minority will be judged much more harshly than an old, white, christian, conservative male.

Conservatives loudly decry this and deny racism and sexism, but then they go ahead and judge anyway. Their actions speak much louder than their words.
@15, simply put, you don't know what you're talking about.