The John T. Williams Memorial at Seattle Center


I forgot to include that the photo, fifth up from the bottom, is Rick Williams and his two sons, which he described to Leavitt as the "next generation of woodcarvers."
This is also an appropriate occasion to remember our fallen officers:
beautiful photographs!
No it's not, Phoebe.
Shut the fuck up Phoebe.
It is actually NOT a good time to deflect attention away from police violence towards some patriotic cop-loving bullshit.
Beautiful totem pole.
This was a beautiful event with a very strong showing of the community pulling together. When they lifted the totem (around 3,000 pounds) in the traditional way, using only human power, it made me cry a little.
@2 Actually, today is an appropriate day to remember John T. Williams, and other victims of police brutality. It's this wonderful invention I like to call "staying on topic."

According to the site you linked, there is an entire "National Police Week" held in May. Perhaps you'd be so kind as to save the concern trolling until then?
Totem pole is awesome, by the way. Thanks to the John T. Williams Memorial Project for giving the city such a beautiful gift.
What a beautiful event, and a beautiful memorial to Mr. Williams as well. I'm sorry to have missed it, but I'll certainly visit the pole the next time I'm in Seattle.
Truly wonderful!

Yes, this a great day on Duwamish land.

Thank you so much for that totem pope.

@2 phoebe.. what the fuck ?. soemtimes you should just keep your piehole shut.
What a beautiful and moving gift, as well as a powerful reminder of that tragedy. My thoughts and sympathy go to his family.
These photos are lovely. I wish I could have been there to see that beautiful totem pole rise. Thanks for letting us share the moment a little bit. Rest in peace, John T. Williams.
Really good pictures, and a flashy totem pole. I'm not used to seeing them so colorful.
Incredible photos. We need to see these images and faces more often.
New shooter? I hope this doesn't mean you're going anywhere soon, Miss O.
The sons with Rick are HawkMan and Thunderheart. Around somewhere is EagleSon. And what did Anwar do to his hair? Portland AIM...I was supposed to be there, but those close to the project know why I could not.
Couldn't make it but it does look wonderful.

And #2, go fuck yourself okay?
My goodness, I had no idea my comment would get folks so riled up as I was still reeling from my grief over the trooper that was killed in Port Orchard by that meth crazed thug. I was pointing out that the violence affect both sides and it's important to remember those that sacrifice their lives to keep us safe. Trust me, I meant no disrespect to Mr. Williams and I apologize profusely to those who took offense.
@23, don't shit a shitter.
@23 ..' both sides ' ?..hoe clueless are you ? there aren't any sides here.. if you'd stop to think about it , your post is dangerously close to the reasoning used by rev phelps and his people when they protest at funerals because they see all death and mourning as an opportunity to spread the gospel of damnation to the grieving public.
pheebs.. read, think, and remember where you are before you open your trap.
..kay ?
Calm down. I messed up. Have a pickle.