More on Santorum's Google Rank Change


Even if Spreading Santorum isn't going to be the top hit on the Google search result of santorum, I think it's safe to say the original goal of the neologism is has already been reached, and santorum's gonna stick.
Yeah, it's not going anywhere. And hey, at least the urban dictionary copy of the definition is still #1.
Sic Semper Santorum.
...And now that I've wandered back and scrolled down a bit, I see that I basically just parroted what Dan said earlier. Oops.
Huh. Even if I Google "spreading Santorum" the best I get is a link to the 2004 edition of the page, not the current site. You got scrubbed, sadly.
#3 Wins the entire internet today!
Five of my top ten results are about the neologism, including the spreadingsantorum blog at #5
You got scrubbed. There's no way this is a current coincidence. But yeah, they did it the google way. Not that surprised, really, but a little disappointed.

Looking up "definition of santorum" pulls your site three times (more or less) on the front page.
@8, others - I don't think there's nearly enough evidence to say the site was scrubbed intentionally yet. As I said, it's possible one of the side-effects of recent changes did this, and it's possible they knew that was the case and were happy about it, but the fact that 2 of the top 3 results are still about the neologism, and that other parts of the spreading santorum site are still prominently listed, including dead pages, suggests to me something less nefarious, but of course it could be both things.
You're still number one at Bing.

Yes, I monitor my own Google page rank like a hawk.

In fact, I was surprised when the forum my friend Brian Hansen and I run, took the number one slot for the query "you read it here first".

My current challenge is that the ever-unique New York Times started some kind of weekly column called...You Read It Here they are nipping at our heels.

Do those New York Times guys ever write anything they thought of, or do they sniff web content all day long and then call it their own...I thought HuffPo was bad...

Scrubbing Santorum...nasty.
@ 1: i thought Santorum, by definition, is frothy, not sticky.... Now i'm confused... Are you telling me there is another definition of santorum out there?
@13 - Froth can stick to something. Given that it's a lube froth, too, I bet it definitely sticks. High viscosity and surface tension, probably.
I find it fishy that the main page for spreading santorum doesn't show up for at least the first 5 pages (I stopped looking after 5), yet the blog AND another page from the website do. (shouldn't show up before…)
Start clicking on it again until it gets brought back to #1 spot? #2 is #1!!!