Mitt Romney: Not the Sharpest Arrow in the Quiver


It's not Republicans he has to worry about, they already know he's two faced. It's independents who don't know what to believe with this guy. He takes all positions and none at the same time.
Just another example of IOIYAR in action...
"Romney's True Convictions" is one word too long to be a proper oxymoron. Just remove the "true" (as redundant), perhaps?

It is adorable that in the last debate, when John King asked is inane "one word that best describes you" question, Willard responded "resolute".
And there's Lindsay Graham nodding away, yes, yes, Massachusetts health careā€¦
Couple interesting pieces on NPR this morning about studies on this. In one study, students were presented with a hypothetical where Mike drove drunk and got in an accident and a month later was on the radio giving a fiery speech on the dangers of drunk driving. If he were described as a Democrat to Democrats, 40% believed he'd changed his ways. If he were described as a Republican, only 14% believed that he wasn't a hypocrite.

In the other piece, hedgehogs making better campaigners, but foxes are better elected officials.
I think they did it wrong. How about if he were giving speeches against drunk driving BEFORE he was arrested?

There is always a market for "repentance".
In my youth, I was a wicked man. I did A and B and C.
But then I found my salvation in Religion X and now I am here to tell you not to make the same mistakes I made!

So much so that some of them have been known to embellish their earlier "sins" in order to make their struggle to salvation look that much more dramatic.

But I will agree with them on one thing. It is always easier to believe the best of someone when that person is on YOUR "team".
People voting for Romney only listen to what he says now. They don't read and they have no memory. Romneycare will only hurt him with NPR listeners and we weren't going to vote for him anyway.
@6 See Paul Babeu!
@6: Pretty much this. Like Eliot Spitzer, who was caught patronizing a prostitute AFTER having worked to stamp out prostitution rings. Or all the gay homophobes who rail against the fags for a few years and then get caught sucking a cock.
Romney never met a stance he couldn't embrace in order to be elected president.