Council Member Mike O'Brien's Re-Election Kickoff, Starring Deviled Eggs


the audience was lady-filled? I KNEW I should have gone!! (the 6pm start time is what did me in)

A Who's Who of Seattle Progressives would be one of those empty write your own books from one of the now defunct bookstores.

Most of these guys wear the Bolivian knit cap, but really want an increase in the sales tax so they can fund the next wallet busting "infrastructure/density/transit" project.
@2, I would pay to see Tim Burgess in a Bolivian knit cap.
Cienna - What the hell is a "minority political nonprofit."

You need to do a little more research before you write crap like this. Come on! Call them up and ask them what they do. Ask them if this description would accurately describe them. The answer is no. (Or are you making a statement about the race of several of the people that work there)?
@3, I'm pretty sure I would pay to make sure that Tim Burgess continues *not* to wear a Bolivian knit cap.

Now, a double-beer-holder-with-straws deal, that's a different story...
Cienna -

The problem with Deviled Eggs is one of presentation. They are truely a two-dimensional food; stacking them is impossible. Combined with their ocher-ish hue, and they more or less present themselves as a field of infant poo.

Although the gesture of a parsley garnish was nice, they are much better presented within a crudite platter so they can be offset with vibrant greens and reds of the veggie world.

And thanks for taking one for the team.
@6, that parsley is not just a visual garnish; it's a delicious treat -- probably better than the eggs, and certainly a fine palate-cleanser after one. Who started the (pre-internet) meme of hating parsley, no one eats it, anyways? George Carlin? Calvin Trillin?
Also, the plural of hummus is hummus, though I would grudgingly accept hummuses if they are indeed different styles or recipes. Foreign words that have become English take a standard plural form (stadiums, not stadia).