Spend Spring Break Losing Weight With Your Cat in the Wilderness


Maybe NJ Gov. Christie should try the New Mexico cat-camping diet.
She would rather die than eat the cat?!? Where is Mudede with commentary on this?
@2 Unless its a particularly large cat, you're not getting very much off of it. Also, you wouldn't want to eat it raw, so there's the dilemma of finding the means to cook it, and it doesn't sound like she had a fire going.

But on the other hand, she could've eaten the cat food and let the cat fend for itself. They like to hunt.
Conspicuously absent from the article is whether or not she was lost. It did mention she had a history of mental illness (Cat Lady Syndrome?) Did she do this on purpose?! Month-long cat vision quest?
Share cat food with cat, allow cat to forage, huddle for warmth with fluffy cat belly.
I'm glad she didn't eat her cat. Hope they both recover well.
In Idaho cats are also known as "Chinese Chickens."
A Chinese Chicken allowed to Free Range in the wilderness for a month goes for Top Dollar in our Whole Foods markets, if we had any. Add that subtle vibration that purring makes at night in a sleeping bag and you have yourself a full meal deal with a reverse happy ending.

You can't go into the wilderness here in Idaho and not run into 'herders' with their chinese chickens purring away in pleasure bags.
@7, you are such a freak. It's a wonder I turned out so well.
To me this is a clear demonstration of two things:

1) The capacity of humans for love and devotion, and selflessness in the cause of love, is endless and sparkling and wonderful, and
2) Cat people are crazy with mind-controlling protozoan brain parasites.
Ah, God bless my home state and it's imbalanced abundance of psychotically devoted cat-people.
Cat meat can be poisonous raw. So she really was out of food.
@9, I think it's mostly #2.
What a super sweet cat lover!!! Seriously, I believe in feeding my animals first and myself second... But starving in the woods? I actually might feed my cat first: To me!

But honestly, what an awesome chick! Thank you strange nomad cat lady for being kind to animals!

Oh, my fish are hungry. They're pregnant live birthing fish!!! I cannot wait until the big day! But so far they're refusing to give birth, so I redesigned the tank to give the little babies a lot of hiding places so their mother doesn't eat them. What the hell? Why would she eat them? They're her children!!! And my grandchildren!!!!!!! Somebody call those "God Hates Fags" people (people?) so they can protest my fish mom's post-birth abortion/ lunch attempt... Not kidding.
Wow. I think I want @7 to be my mommy. <3<3<3
"Chinese chickens" sound like they belong on ranches with "Niggerhead" carved into big rocks.
What kind of a cat goes out hunting and doesn't bring some prey back for his or her human?

A bad cat, that's what. A bad, bad cat.
@11 Unless the cat food she had contained raw cat meat, it seems like she could have had some of that.
This is how they will find me one day.
@7 aside (and if ciennasmommy is open to adopting a 40 year old, please let me know)is it a common practice to go hiking with your kitty?