Go See Macklemore for Free* Tonight at the Showbox


Sure hope you reported this in-kind expenditure to the PDC! Because I will!
@1, The PDC doesn't govern the mayor's race, genius. You'll want to report it to Seattle Ethics and Elections.

Sorry, but electing a Hipster Mayor clearly isnt working out, he needs to go.
@3, in what conceivable degradation of the term "hipster" does Mike McGinn qualify?
Everyone needs to chill out. This mayor is alright.
"@1, The PDC doesn't govern the mayor's race, genius. You'll want to report it to Seattle Ethics and Elections."

lol @ misspell-something-in-every-third-post Madrid sarcastically calling anyone genius
lol, only assholes make whiny threats without knowing what the fuck they're talking about and only assholes post anonymously.
Doesn't anyone remember what an idiot Mallahan was?
I'd love to not post anonymously but the Stranger registration system says my email address is already in use! Which it isn't! Not by me anyway
Ugg, Macklemore is just a lousy imitator of M&M, which is crap to begin with. That rap he did at the My-Oh-My guy's memorial service was just horrible.
So the Stranger's re-election campaign for our current Mayor has officially begun?
@10 I'm not sure if you've ever listened to Eminem or Macklemore. It is obvious your statement of Macklemore as "lost a lousy imitator of M&M" you have at most listened to one of the artists you have mentioned.
haha man this mayor knows his audience

"hmmm we need a fundraiser, let's get skillet to cater and macklemore to rap"

i kinda love him but he's gotta fire diaz and hopefully o'neill or i won't vote for him

The kind that suddenly starts saying thats that most people would agree with, simply to boost his sagging approval ratings.

Lets ban guns!
Lets legalize weed!
Lets build more bike lanes!
Lets ban plastic bags!
Lets build a nude beach!
Lets build a citywide fiber optic internet service!
Lets fleece car owners as much as we can!
Lets endorse Occupy Seattle!
Lets tax the rich!
Lets all hang out with me at some club to raise money for my re-election!

He making a huge mistake in thinking the entire city is made up of 20'something far left liberals who believe in all of this.

@everybody Cienna Madrid uses the following words to describe herself: "I write the news. When not writing the news, I like to teach my dogs to howl along to "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" and other religious hymns."

I mean, really?

I "write the news?"

Is this stolen from Barry Manilow?

Poor Cienna. Like so many, she's is a prole in Tim Keck's self-enrichment.

Alot of McGinn supporters shit on Mallahan simply because of his job at T-Mobile being a VP in the Customer Service dept and nothing more. That alone had people painting him as a corporate shill because apparently all corporations are bad. Who cares if T-mobile consistently wins awards in customer service satisfaction for merely listening to their customers and how Mallahan played a small role in that. It only took a year for McGinn to piss off so many departments, including allies in Olympia. Why? Because he doesnt listen to people very well. Like GW Bush, he listens only to his base and nobody else. Mallahan could run again for Mayor and he'll probably win because so many people feel lied to by McGinn. I personally think its hypocritical that anyone who says "I dont care about the fact that he lied about not blocking the viaduct tunnel, I wanted him to do that", because it obviously angers most liberals when Republicans do it, but its ok when my guy lies to me, thats different!

I personally cannot wait to help vote him out of office, then move out of the city. Its not like I dont want to live here, its just that I cant afford to live here with my wife 6 months pregnant.

ThanK you Verry Many



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