I don't trust anybody who doesn't like cheese. Or butter.
And you are right to do so, care bear. Those opposed to cheese are a shifty and dangerous lot.
The best brunch is the Funk brunch at KAOS, where the DJ plays funk while they serve fresh juice, chai, coffee drinks, and my new fave Chicken and Waffles.

It's in Fremont, of course. Drinks at the bar until 8 pm then the whole place becomes more of a drinking establishment.

Check it out. Mostly a very young hip crowd, of course.
I don't have anything against brunch per se, but I do get a little pissed off when I find myself eating pancakes at 2pm on a Saturday because every place in the city refuses to serve actual lunch.
Then stop eating on Sunday. The Host and the wine should have kept you going.
@2, I will just point out that, though Mittens Romney appears to like what he calls "cheesy grits," he is nevertheless a shifty and dangerous bot.

Willard would say that he likes diced puppy mixed in with Sarasota mud if he thought that would make him appear "local." I am willing to wager large dollar amounts, if it could ever be verified, that he in fact did NOT like the grits, cheesy or otherwise.
Non-cheesy grits are the best. Just a dab o' butter will do ya.