Neighborhood Greenways, Fuck Yeah!


..."geriatrics on a leisurely stroll to their neighborhood pharmacy for vital heart medicines, children skipping to school." Great stuff, Cienna.
So are greenways bike lanes that pedestrians can use?

Hah...after years of listening to vehicular cyclists promoting putting narrow lanes into the area between 50 mph traffic and car doors opening, suddenly, someone got a brain and figured out that was probably not the ideal cycling environment for most.

The best thing for bikes? A shrinking Portland's.
I love to hear this, Cienna! Gives me hope for cities in less-progressive parts of the country (like mine).
Now the peds and bikers shall battle to the death.

We can use these on a north-south route in the south end. Some fool is seriously going to get run the fuck over on the Rainier International Speedway ™.
Fantastic! I'm meeting with a city councilman tomorrow to talk about improving Spokane's bike network, and I'm gonna cite this. Thanks, Cienna!
What?? Nobody's bitching? WHAT!!!1!11

Quick! Someone text Dori Monson to mobilize the Real Taxpayers against this cyclofascist assault!
@2 peds always use bike lanes.

We don't need your "authorization" ...
Nobody's bitching because those streets were already useless for cars
Also feel free to bump up that rate to 20-25 miles a year
@6, Good luck, TVDinner!
Arglebarglegrumble Spandex! arglegrrrr entitled! grumblegrumble war on cars! grumble run 'em over! garglegrumble...
Hey, there's my house!
That's pretty cool. Sadly it ends right where the traffic situation actually gets most dangerous on the Wallingford-to-University District ride. I like going down to the Burke then over, but it is longer and means climbing the hill to get to Trader Joe's
I live a couple blocks from the western terminus of the Wallingord greenway. Sure it's nice, but I'll probably keep on using 45th for most of my cross-neighborhood bike trips.

I do wish there was a better way to ride a bike or walk from my house to all the businesses in Upper Fremont, which are only a few blocks from my house as the crow flies. Aurora makes what should be a two minute stroll into a 15 minute journey, and 46th is a cycling nightmare, while the bridge on 41st with its two sets of stairs on each side is annoying even with the "runnel" SDOT installed.

Also, I can't wait until the mythical pedestrian/cyclist bridge is installed over I5 between Wallingford and the U District. Riding 45th is gnarly for most cyclists.

All said and done, though, I'm loving being a cyclist in Seattle these days. Now of it'd only start being 50 degrees a little more often!
Photo by DOUG., post by Cienna. My people! You're representing today.