Now Closed: Detention (the Bar) in the U-District


Dang. Never even went there.

But, some of my colleagues down at the VA Hospital said that they really love the food choices on the Ave when they come up here, compared to that portion of SE Seattle. So it might be a bit cut-throat.

When is the food review of KAOS in Fremont planned? Check out their Funk Brunch on Sunday.
Wait, people in the U District didn't want to pay for expensive hot dogs? Wow.
@2 you mean: expensive and bland hot dogs.
Matt's Hot Dogs, formerly located on the corner of Brooklyn and 45th went out of business a couple years ago now. I think since then the location is on its second sandwich place. The building that is now in front of Cafe Allegro has already had one sandwich shop-mini mart-salad bar-type restaurant go out of business too.
You can get hotdogs next to the Neptune.
Food wants to be free!
uh, cause hipsters don't hang out in the U District and the poor kids who live there can't afford over priced food and booze.

Also, East Side yuppies tend to avoid the U District...they prefer to graze on Capitol Hill.
@7 your last para - we like it that way.