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Correction - there was NO report of alleged abuse, sexual or otherwise. The report was about inappropriate behavior with students (hugging, some issue of a bare foot near a mouth) but at no time did the two employees making the complaint say they saw any abuse.

This is a case of two principals who clearly did not know what they were doing and made some incredibly bad choices that hurt other people and showed their incompetence. They both should be exited but nope, a hand-slap, some training and they are good to go.

Keep in mind this is Dr. Enfield's, the superintendent, call. She's the same one that tried to fire Martin Floe, the principal at Ingraham. She's the one some are whining about because she's leaving. I'm not sure we are losing anything great.
The Week of Official Endorsements for Mitt Romney

This week Jeb Bush endorsed the Mittster!

Not to be outdone, Jeb’s son, that psycho-stalker and property vandal, also endorsed Mitt Romney.

In keeping with the Jeb Bush family tradition, Jeb’s daughter, who has a permanent residence at a Florida rehab center, called from rehab to say she also endorses “Mitch Ronnie.”

(Go easy on her, she’s done a lot of drugs.)

The Etch-A-Sketch company, the Ohio Art Company (based in Shenzhen, China), also endorsed Romney, stating: “We love Romney because he’s sketchy, just like our favorite product!”

Newt Gingrich’s ex-wives all officially endorsed Romney, saying, “Anything is preferable to Newt, but if Rocky, Bullwinkle or one of the Muppets runs, we’ll switch our endorsement.”

The Private Equity Council also officially endorsed Mitt, proclaiming, “Romney was our favorite asset stripper.”

Do they have pole dancing contests for asset strippers?

Late Breaking News: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is still undecided, but hinted they are leaning towards endorsing the pole dancing contest!

Am I the only person wondering when Facebook is finally going to implode on itself?
Sorry Riya, but technically "Battle Beyond The Sun", ISN'T Coppola's film. Roger Corman bought the U.S. distribution rights to a 1959 Soviet film called "The Sky Is Calling", then hired Coppola to re-edit and dub the film into English. The Martian monster fight wasn't in the original, & Corman had Coppola insert the additional footage to make the film more appealing to a domestic audience. This sequence is in fact the only original contribution Coppola made with regards to the visual elements of the film.
That Seattle Times report on the Lowell Elementary situation is remarkably poorly written. At multiple points it is vague about antecedents, creating confusion as to which investigations, allegations, and reports are being referred to.

But, bottom-line, a principal and assistant who are allowed to keep their jobs after being reprimanded, then lash out against the investigation and the "sanctions"? Wow.

And no mention of the ultimate outcome for Ms. Gary, who tried to do the right thing, though I bet she feels far from vindicated.

Any stats on how many gay marriages have taken place in WA State since the new law?

@6, it's scheduled to go into effect June 7 unless opponents gather enough valid signatures to place it on the November ballot, in which case it will be delayed until at least then.
re Lowell Elementary: is Seattle Public Schools' Rina Geoghagan, assistant to Lowell Elementary principal Greg King married to or otherwise related to Brian Geoghagan whose name occasionally appears in SLOG bylines?