Why Doesn't the Biased Liberal Media Write about this Soldier?


CNN is the biased liberal media, idiot.
@1) you need to work on your sense of irony. it's terribly underdeveloped.
Nice, Charles. A perspective about our socialization I had not properly considered. Thank you, sincerely.
It just goes to show that a woman always drags a man down. In the end, the girl will grow up to happily marry a 60 year old man and be a mother of six by the time she's 19.
Charles, about 80% of the time I think your writing is complete lunacy. But man, that other 20% is world-class poetical.

That soldier saved her from his equipment.
I find it incredibly difficult to believe that Afghani children don't understand the concept of death.
@ 7 I grew up in a war zone. Children dont, regardless of the chaos around us. Good writing Charles.
I'm with #5 on this...Charles,this is pretty good.
Are you sure she didn't get out of the way because she was born in a rural area, and so therefore is incurably stupid?
Heartbreakingly beautiful piece.

Well done indeed, Charles.

No doubt, bro! Driving trucks! Our military-industrial has finally gone utterly insane.

Can't our army bike, like in Copenhagen?
with a basket of kittens on the handlebars
I hope his parents' pride in him goes some distance toward assuaging their grief. If you have to die at war (or anywhere, really), this is the most honourable way to go.
Yeah, a sentimental piece all right. Pfc. Weichel RIP.

Still, if that isn't "heroic" what is? I agree with most of what you state. The coincidence is simply that Weichel was in the Armed Forces on duty in Afghanistan. I would believe a civilian as opposed to a soldier could do the same action. It doesn't make it less heroic for the former. Just less publicized because we are militarily engaged in Afghanistan. And, it contrasts to the Bales atrocity conducted by a member of the Armed Forces.
@2 Touche. But in fairness, you might work on your communication skills. Irony and muddle are your forte of course, and there's nothing wrong with your contrarian takes. But there's no sin - and all kinds of payoff - in clarity...if, that is, you actually can express what you mean. To readers, a declarative sentence is gold while an abstract meandering is an I.O.U.