The New Obama Ads Are Brutal for Mitt Romney


That was a good one, all righty.
So I can be easily swayed and manipulated sometimes, sure... I LOVED that ad.

But Paul's got this spot on: "more evidence that President Obama is leaning rightward on all the wrong issues"
Modern politics=how parallel you can make your universe.
It's a stupid ad - if you don't already like Obama, then you don't see his words as evidence that Romney's lying; you see his words as evidence that Obama lies (and hence Romney is telling the truth). There's no representation of "independent fact checking" in the video, so except for Romney's lie about Obama not mentioning the words debt/deficit, the rest just leaves the viewer having to decide whom to believe.
This is a good ad? Come take some words, pair them with some more words from someone else from a different date and time and it's truth? Obama lies to the people today just as he did in 08' and that's what's brutal about it.
TIL I am a "far-left progressive".
@4: "if you don't already like Obama"

There's apparently a not-insignificant percentage of Americans who make up their minds at the last moment about everything.
@4. Bad listening skills I guess. Mitt says he didn't mention the deficit in the State of th Union then ad shows footage of him doing so. Since Mitts talking about his words, showing him saying those words proves it. doesn't get much simpler.
So, according to Paul Constant, only far left wingers would think that pursuing the politics of empire, or peddling conservative sound bites about the debt and spending cuts shows that Obama leans to the right. Was that a slur directed at those who don't drink DNC Kool-Aid, Paul?
zzzzzz. Nobody cares what Obama said vs what Mittens said. Now, if this was clip after clip of Mittens contradicting himself... Well there we go.
am i supposed to know what "fisking" is?
@8, here's what I wrote @4: "so except for Romney's lie about Obama not mentioning the words debt/deficit, the rest just leaves the viewer having to decide whom to believe."

Do you have anything to contribute about the rest of the ad?
I have such a political boner right now....
@13: you didn't have to be such a dick about it.
The old republican strategy of lying with confidence and style isn't going to work like it used to...
That last link in the post - on how advanced Obama's national organization is compared to Romney's - should be a white-knuckler for any Republican.

Here you have Romney, who is spending most of his money and energy trying to quell an unelectable yokel who has no national organization and practically no money.

And then there's Obama, who will have 50+ times the money than Santorum had, who has over 2300 events planned already, 500 phone banks planned for Florida, over 200 offices actively campaigning NOW.

It's easy to mock a community organizer, until you realize that community outreach an invaluable element of a campaign. It's surprising that Romney doesn't seem to realize this, but then, he's used to just buying things.
@17: "It's easy to mock a community organizer"

Of course they see the GOTV value of community organizers, they mock because it doesn't offer anyone enough profit and it's not macho, like the Captains of Industry Republicans are blah blah blah.

Effectiveness and productivity is utterly frightening to them.