Trayvon Martin Protest Saturday


s this a protest against the 6000 blacks who will be murdered this year by other blacks? Or the one black kid killed by the white guy who turned himself in with head injuries? 

Let me know where to set my 'outrage' dial!
Looks like the enhanced audio now proves there was no racial slur after all and a vital part of the tent has collapsed on this circus.

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@3: Except, ya know, the guy who got away with chasing and killing an unarmed teenager.
Don't be slamming a dude's head into the pavement and you might not be catching a slug in the chest.
@3, @5 If you read the whole story, it says that experienced analysts have stated that it was not Zimmerman's voice calling for help. So how does this link make your case for you, again?
Start attacking someone with a gun and you're gonna get shot. Don't bring skittles to a gunfight.
Trayvom Martin = Tawana Brawley redux.
Ya know, we can go back and forth on whether or not Trayvon did attack George, unprovoked, whether or not George made a racial slur, but the fact that Mr Zimmerman has not been arrested for executing a fellow citizen is a damnable societal indictment. Arrest the man, bring him to trial, allow the two sides to present evidence in front of a jury of his peers.
No racial slur on the audio means that your "social justice" circle jerk is a farce. It's also irrelevant whether the 6'3 teenager with gold teeth was armed. Attackers do not need to be armed before you can shoot them (in WA or FL) as they are still a lethal threat. If you don't believe me ask the Tuba Man or Danny Vega.
Nice poster.
So let's see:

Zimmerman had no injury video?

Zimmerman had head injuries, seen in enhanced video and cop testimony (cop who wanted to arrest him).

Zimmerman said 'fucking coon'?

Zimmerman says 'fucking cold'.

Zimmerman say's "he's black!"?

Zimmerman only says that after police ask if subject is white, hispanic or black. NBC apologizes for cutting audio.

Zimmerman attacks Martin?

Witness sees Martin on top of Zimmerman beating him.

Your anti-Zimmerman narrative is falling apart.

Have a happy rally and keep ignoring the #1 threat to young black men; other young black men.

Oh yeah, nice poster.
Enough with the fucking Skittles.
Did they pay Trayvon's parents a licensing fee they are demanding now?
Free Trayvon Martin™ !

Brought to you by Skittles™ 
Hmmm...well if Zimmerman hadn't been trying to play cop, I doubt ANY of this would've happened. I don't care what you say about that 17 year old kid or Zimmerman, there's NOTHING that justifies any of this happening to Trayvon. Personally, I think Zimmerman is a big sack of lying shit and I don't need to hear the analysis of audio tapes or anything else to keep on thinking that.

"well if Zimmerman hadn't been trying to play cop, I doubt ANY of this would've happened"

Maybe true, but that would only make this manslaughter, probably in the 2nd degree.

" I don't need to hear the analysis of audio tapes or anything else to keep on thinking that."

Thatta boy,  stick too your opinions, facts be damned!

Enjoy your Zimmerman lynching party.
Someone should serve Zimmerman some street justice! He knows exactly what that is too...that's why he's in hiding!
Where is the other poster - the one showing Zimmerman's injuries? Or i guess that's not politically correct enough eh?
Where is the other poster? the one with Zimmerman's injuries? Oh that one won't fit in with this politically correct version eh?
what a STUPID poster. "Here, children of God, let us break Skittles together".
What a *stupid* poster. "Ye, children of God, let us break Skittles, together. Amen".