Inside the Republican War on Caterpillars


I for one object to them using my very low taxes to pay for a War On Caterpillars, because without them, how will we plow the fields?
And again I have to post this link about how difficult it is for a Republican woman to "explain" how there is no Republican "War on Women".…
How do you pronounce that guys name? Rinse Preebus? Ree-ance Pree-a-bus? And I thought Saxby Chambliss was an odd name when I lived in Georgia.
@3 Just remember how to pronounce it once you take out all the vowels and you're good.
What a moron. Lamestream Republican.
don't the dems have an equivalent gap in their support from (white) men? the sad thing is, most (white) men probably believe that dems are conducting a war on them. its fucking embarassing.

this messaging is a rare victory for the dems. they used a GOP construct (war on...) against their opposition, and it's stuck. it's measurable.
There may be no Republican war against Caterpillar per se, but when a union lockout lead to the closing of one of their oldest plants, only to replace those jobs at half the wages at their new, union-free Muncie, Ind. plant, it sure wreaked of the Republican agenda.

Wait, ohhhhh... those things.
My favorite part is the occasional butthurt reactionary trying to "cleverly" co-opt or rebut the trend. Their flailing is ludicrous.

Anyway, just one more reasons I love John Scalzi. Dude was one of the first people I ever followed on the twitters.
@6 Well, Bill Clinton signed both NAFTA and gutted Glass-Steagall, so all those blue collar whites that supposedly "vote against their own interests" do have a point.

That said, keep digging Republican fucktards, just keep digging...
There's a war on the Vatican that Obama started? Where do we sign up?
The Caterpillar Obfuscation is really only a clumsy retreading of the Chewbacca Defense.
@10 It's not a war - it's self-defense.
Obama world? Is that like Disney World, except located in a liberal elite city like New York or Seattle? Do they serve artisan cocktails? Whatever it is, sign me up.
Since when is the POTUS answerable to some random fucking cardinal?

I'll bet if Obama could be filmed punching Bernard Law in the face, he'd clinch the election in a second.
There is no such thing as a caterpillar. It's a butterfly from the moment of conception.
Oops, make that "answerable to some random fucking archbishop."
Reince Priebus sounds like a name from ''The Hunger Games''.
Just say no to Lamestream Republicans!
Maybe he was subconsciously thinking of a new euphemism for women's anatomy since so many Republicans are fine regulating women's girly-bits but horribly squeamish about actually calling them by their real names.
Is anyone here an organizer of living souls? Rather than bitch on forums, why aren't you rioting in the streets?

Too concerned about the cessation of your all-to-good way of life. Fuck you. You need food, water, a bit of shelter. Beyond that are amenities. You better spend your extra capital on things that advance your personal capital or advance the movement.
I love John Scalzi. The most enlightened man in Science Fiction.
The real problem isn't that they think they're caterpillars. It's that they think they're doing something perfectly reasonable.

If I were walking down the road, kicking every puppy I saw, and somebody accused me of hating puppies, no reasonable person would disagree with that opinion. When the GOP goes around putting up laws that make women's lives worse, and they're accused of running a war on women...well, the only difference is that there might not be an actual war. This might be a lot of GOP folks doing this all at the same time.

This is "might be" in the same sense as, "It might be that I'll spontaneously teleport to Hawaii, meet a rich, beautiful, intelligent woman, and we fall in love."