Sunday Morning News (The Pope, Mike Wallace, Tuna)


"What's the Chinese doing in the Caribbean?"

Nope, sorry. That's not English. Try again.
Congratulations to this year's NHL President Cup winning team.
Mike Wallace was one of the greatest journalists of his generation. I will miss him.
Phrases like "pit bull reporter" need to be discontinued. To anyone who knows a PitBull, that would mean he was a gentle, snuggly and kind reporter.
Mike Wallace ate babies?
Nah, get rid of welfare. We can't afford it. Screw the poor! They need to learn from their mistakes and be encouraged to work their way up.

But keep your hands off the oil company tax breaks and don't end tax breaks on job creators! That's not actual welfare and it all trickles down.

Good set of news today! (If a bit heavy on the New York Times.) I do recommend the one about petty-fault divorce in Britain. I'm surprised that's still the case in such a modern Western nation. Hell, I'm surprised that was the case in New York friggin' State until 2010.
We get rid of welfare and the poor will be asking the Chinese for help- yeah, good move.
That Hipster Games video is hilarious. I don't think we'll be retiring that word any time soon.

And Mike Wallace was deservedly an icon, but he did not escape the temptation to sometimes squander the gravitas he earned on some high-profile pandering, which his later bouts with depression suggest he may have been haunted by. An object lesson for journalists in why it's important not to misuse your credibility on rabble-rousing tangents (his asshole son, Fox News's Chris Wallace, built his career on it) .

The most searing example for me is 1967's "The Homosexuals". Here's a good brief version someone edited down, which contains a link to the full horror as well:…
Oh wow, this "Hipster Games" meme is sooooo 2007:…
Here's an accurate link to the full 44-minute version - turns out the one referred to by the recap editor has expired:…
Right-wing phrasing of your headlines is repulsive.

Seems Republicans actually believe there were no problems and America had the best of everything before Obama took Office?? That or they are just stupid bastards who lie and deny and are criminally Insane?

How disconnected do you have to be to feel Obama was the negro who ruined America? Its like oh! there gos the nation! look who moved into the all white white house and ruined the perfect Nation.
Lately we've been talking about the word "Hipster".

Isn't Hipster just a term for the continuing de-powerization and de-sexualization of adults in society who have not been able to make it in the hierarchy.

When a person gets shut out of the hierarchy, he has to become a societal clown. His or her gestures become over articulated, buffoonish. His words lost context, and become symbolic and denotative. He mocks society...but by necessity...he has no power. He cannot "fight back".

Look at Kramer on Seinfeld. Did he ever get a date? No...the Hipster is the adult as Big Bird. The friendly asexual (not by choice) adult neighbor who wears the J.C. Penney clothes of a child.

The Hipster becomes a target both for the entrenched and the up and coming. Those on the inside can mock the Hipster because s/he has been de-sexualized and presents no threat.

The up and coming future insider can mock the Hipster because he provides a punching bag that can help escalate their status. Young ferals roaming the mall, make the Hipster their "bum" and subject them to verbal and ultimately physical abuse.


Yup! as Texas has the best Job Growth in the Nation it also is one of the biggest baby killers? the classic American example of How they can be doing better than everyone else and doing less than everybody else with the classic example of "Why is this so?" being no more than its political stooges who are in office. "Its against our religion" "Its against our politics" "Its all because of the Negro in the white house"

Go figure and don't bother waiting for explanations.
Cosmo Kramer often got laid.
@13, one of the biggest mistakes liberals make is taking Republicans' statements/claims at face value. Republicans don't believe anything and they're not stupid. They simply say what's strategic. We should start being at least as strategic or we'll lose.
So some minor functionary within the decaying vestiges of a medieval theocracy thinks that public policy in a modern democratic state infringes on his organization's right to impose their doctrine on the population? ? Well, I guess we better all just bend over backwards to make everything okay for him and his celibate, elderly cronies. He is, after all, wearing a magic pointy hat.
@9, I'd be willing to bet that Wallace's position on homosexuals evolved from what it was in 1967. 45 years ago -- and he was already 48. Times change; people change. Pretty much nobody was on the side of the angels in 1967 (which makes the bravery of people like Harry Hay even more remarkable). Even women's rights hadn't been invented yet, let alone gay people's.

A rare fact about Mike Wallace: he kept a plastic dog turd on his desk. I have proof:…

@14: You hipster doofus!
@19, I am sure his attitude changed and if he had done a follow up none of us would have to sit here guessing.